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Unique Boy Names - How to Name Your Baby Boy!

Unique Boy Names - How to Name Your Baby Boy!

Unique boy names are definitely worth exploring! while we all know we love a good classic name, uncommon baby names are sure to illuminate your special little one!

Unique Baby Boy Names for 2020

Are you wondering why should you choose a unique boy name? First of all, What is in a name? A whole lot! A baby’s name sets the tone for who they are, who they are going to be, and how they live their life (or so, some think).

Do not take any chances! Get your baby off to a smart start, right from the get go by gifting them a name that is meaningful and innovative.

If they roll off the tongue, spark your interest, and have an amazing meaning, what’s not to love? If you just found out you’re expecting or if you know for a fact that you are going to have a little boy, check out these 50 unique baby boy names!

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Laura Frasier, Co-Founder, Maternal Wellness Group of Boston

Unique Boy Names

Let's see some of the most unique names that you can use to give your baby boy a super cool unique name:

  1. Kristoff - Unique Boy Name coming from Scandinavia
  • Rugged, foreign, and warm; Kristoff is the perfect spinoff of Christopher.
  • Great for those who like the traditional but don’t want to choose a name that veers too far from it, Kristoff is a great choice.
  • Coming from Scandinavian descent, the holy name is perfect for outdoorsy types and those who celebrate religion. Oh yeah, you may also recognize it from the beloved Disney movie, Frozen.
  1. Gianni - Unique Italia Name
  • Strong yet sporty, Gianni is an Italian name that means, “God is gracious.”
  • It can be shortened to Geo or G, and it rolls off the tongue with ease.
  • Great for those of Italian descent who want to incorporate the culture into their child’s identity, Gianni is unexpected yet delightful.
  1. Marcus
  • Rugged and noble, the name Marcus comes from ancient Roman times and it means, “to harvest.”
  • Most famously known from Marcus Aurelius and Marcus Antonius; it is a great spin off from the traditional name Marc. While it makes a nice first name, it is also a great middle unique boy name option.
  1. Miles
  • Growing a bit in popularity, the name Miles is a happy sounding, approachable name. A German name, Miles means, “Soldier.”
  • Other famous “Miles” that inspired this name are Miles Davis and actor Miles Teller.
  • While many parents are opting to use this name as a first name, it is a great, one syllable replacement for common middle names like John, Scott, or Lee.
  1. Atticus
  • If you’re looking for unique baby boy names, look no further. Atticus is sophisticated, refined, and intelligent.
  • Inspired by Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, naming your baby boy after this noble namesake is a great choice. Meaning, “Man of Attica,” Atticus derives from Attica, Greece. It can be shortened to Atti and can be quite approachable.
  1. Oliver
  • Loveable, friendly, and fun; Oliver is a neat name that is gaining popularity among unique baby boy names. An English name, Oliver means, “olive tree.”
  • In direct relation of the famous expression, “Extending an olive branch,” it’s a name of peace, trust, and beauty.
  1. Phineas
  • Used among some famous literary characters, Phineas is a must if you are in need of unique baby boy names.
  • A Hebrew name, it means, “oracle.” It is quite formal, but can be shortened to Phin (or even spelled Finn).
  • It makes a tremendous multi-syllable middle name to complement one syllable first names as well.
  1. Orlando
  • Adventurous and dreamy, Orlando is an Italian name that means, “Famous throughout the land.”
  • Classic yet innovative, Orlando is a perfect option for parents who want to honor Italian culture or give their child a warm, yet foreign name
  • Celebrity Orlando Bloom is a great example of this sought after, smooth name.
  1. Kai
  • Very west coast and kicked back, Kai is bright, cheerful, and modern. A favorite among unique baby boy names, Kai is one syllable and strong.
  • It comes from many different origins. In Hawaiian, it means, “sea.” In Japanese, it means, “shell.” While it’s unisex, it can be very pure and naturalistic when used in a male form.
  1. Schuyler
  • Modern and forward, Schuyler is a very friendly and strapping name.
  • Certainly one of the most unique baby boy names, Schuyler comes from the Dutch word, “scholar.” Smart and stable, Schuyler can be shortened to Schy (or Skye, depending on your spelling preferences). 
  1. Valentino
  • Romantic, robust, yet whimsy; the name Valentino isn’t a name you regularly hear on the streets.
  • An Italian name, Valentino means, “Strong or brave.” Certainly a hero’s name, Valentino is popularly shortened to Val or Valentine.
  • It is an ideal name if you want to give your child a name that honors Italian ancestry. Valentino is for sure one of the best unique baby boy names in the market!


A toddler boy wearing a white polo shirt sits on green grass at the park.

  1. Bruin
  • An English name, Bruin means, “Color.”
  • Very unique and unusual; Bruin sounds solid and strong. It has a preppy vibe and sounds handsome off the tongue.
  • If not using it for a fist name, it is an original replacement for a two syllable, traditional middle name like Brian or Michael. 
  1. Byron
  • Byron is an innovative spin off of Bryan. An English name, it’s most known by Lord Byron, the famous poet.
  • It’s warm and inviting, but also masculine. A must if you’re in need of unique baby boy names, Byron is a solid and satisfying choice. It is also a cool “B” name if you’re trying to stick with a “B” theme, like many mommies do.
  1. Devon
  • Sweet and smooth; the name Devon is a fun choice for a cool and different boy’s name.
  • An English name, Devon means, “beautiful farmland.” Devon is a uni sex name and it’s not a common one.
  • It’s a charming first name that is also a complimentary middle name.
  1. Wallace
  • Formal, proud, and studious, Wallace is a neat name that comes from Anglo-Saxon descent.
  • It can be turned into the nickname Wally and sounds very estate-like, as if you’re passing down a family name to your son (or if you just want to start the tradition!).
  1. Edwin
  • A spin off of the traditional name, Edward; Edwin is unexpected, regal, yet approachable.
  • The English name means, “Rich in friendship.” What more could you want in a name? A nickname could be Eddie or Ed; and it’s the perfect balance between classic and modern.
  1. Alastair
  • Posh and proud, Alastair is a great replacement for names like Connor, Alec, and Alexander; which seem to be everywhere nowadays.
  • Formal and forward, the name demands respect and attention. Derived from Greece, the name means, “protector.”
  • Rich in history and sound, it’s a beautiful name for a baby boy.
  1. Healy
  • A southern inspired name, Healy comes from the Gaelic word meaning, “ingenious.” The southern tradition shows that moms pass on their maiden names to their first born child (be it boy or girl), and this results in some pretty unique baby boy names.
  1. Breckin
  • Cool, calm, and confident, Breckin is a totally peaceful name. It’s an Irish name that means, “freckled or speckled.”
  • Cute to give your little boy if he literally has some visible freckles, Breckin can be shortened to Breck, and can be spelled in a number of ways.
  1. Myer
  • A fun alternative to Michael, Martin, or Mark, this “M” name is easy to blend with traditional middle names like John, Lee, or Scott.
  • It’s a Hebrew name that means, “Farmer.” Perfect for those who love the country or are located in rural settings, Myer is not commonly heard of but is a beautiful name for a baby boy.
  1. Colt
  • Wild and free, the name Colt may be ideal if your pregnancy has taken you for a wild ride! This cute name certainly makes the list for unique baby boy names.
  • It’s an English name and is often short for Colten, if the longer version floats your boat. Either way, you don’t commonly hear this name and it is difficult to understand why, because it is utterly adorable.
  1. Darren
  • A uni sex name, Darren is confident and smooth. The name is English and means, “Great.”
  • You don’t get any greater than that! It gained popularity back in the day thanks to the show, Bewitched. Darren was Samantha the witch’s husband. Easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to understand why moms love it; Darren is a “great” choice.
  1. Heath
  • Mysterious and sure of himself, Heath is a perfect name if you want your baby to be cool, confident, and self-aware.
  • Gaining popularity from deceased actor, Heath Ledger, the name itself comes from England and references a flowering field.
  • It’s the male version of Heather, so it could be cute to name a little boy after a mommy with that name!
  1. Grady
  • Easy going, cool, and ultra-popular; Grady is an All American name.
  • A simple spin off of the name Brady, Grady brings something different to the table but still provides the same sound and vibe.
  • A Gaelic name, Grady means, “noble,” which is certainly an admirable quality in any male!

A baby boy in a red and blue shirt standing near a plant.

  1. Stefan
  • Love the name Steven but dislike that everyone around you has it? Try Stefan! This exotic name can be shortened to Stef and has a bit of a preppy feel to it.
  • A Greek name for, “crown,” he’ll certainly be your little king!
  1. Huck
  • Short for Huckleberry, Huck is an All American name that means, “Sweet berry.”
  • If you’re a fanatic of the novel, Huckleberry Finn, or if you simply want a classic and unique baby boy name, Huck’s your lucky ticket! I
  • t’s also a great choice if you are not planning to use a middle name for your son, as Huck makes a strong statement.
  1. Rowan
  • This Scottish word means, “Little red haired one.” 
  • Rowan is sweet and sensitive, and also warm and welcoming. An uncommon name, it’s also nice to use if you’re of Scottish descent as a tribute to your heritage.
  1. Asher
  • This Jewish name literally means happy and blessed. How cute! It rolls off the tongue, is a bit different than the popular unisex name, Ashley; and
  • it also works nicely as a middle name (Rowan Asher, anyone?). It can also be spelled in a wide variety of ways (Ascher, Ashure).
  1. Ranier
  • This royal name is German and it means, “Wise army.” Tough yet sophisticated, it’s a name to bestow upon a little boy if you wish him to grow up strong, brave, and fair.
  • It can be shortened to a trendy nickname like Rane, or even Rainy!
  1. Zane
  • You don’t often see names of baby boys that start with the last letter of the alphabet. Why not consider Zane? It’s a Hebrew name, which means, “gift from God.” 
  1. Jace
  • A fun spin off of the ultra-popular name, Jax; Jace is fun and refreshing. A Greek word for, “healing,”
  • it can be meant for either gender. If you do not want to know the sex of your baby, uni sex names work well for parents, planning wise!
  1. Jasper
  • An old fashioned favorite, Jasper is definitely one of the best unique baby boy names. Slightly hipster, Jasper isn’t everywhere.
  • It became very popular at the beginning of the 1900’s and is often a name that gets passed down from one generation to another, in some form.
  • It’s a Persian name, and it means, “Bringer of treasure.”
  1. Bronson
  • Dreamy and handsome, Bronson is an irresistibly unique baby boys name.
  • Poetic and smooth, Bronson pairs nicely with a traditional middle name like James. 
  • An English name, the meaning is, “son of a dark man.” While its meaning may not be ideal, the sound of it is!
  1. Emerson
  • Full of charisma, Emerson is soft and sweet. Shorten it to Emmy, and you have one beautiful baby boy name.
  • Emerson comes from Germany. It means, “Brave or powerful.”
  • Also a very uni sex friendly name, it’s unique and isn’t over used at all. 
  1. Baxter
  • A sweet name, Baxter is Scottish for, “baker.”
  • Fun to pair with traditional middle names like James, John, or Ryan; it can be shortened to Bax or B for fun.
  • Sounding high society, your little guy will enjoy sporting this unique baby boys name around in school, since far and few between will have it!
  1. Barron
  • Becoming more recognized since President Trump got elected to office; Barron is an English name, which means, “warrior.”
  • Barron sounds sure and strong, and also estate-like.

baby boy in gray shorts blue shirt with hat sitting on the road

  1. Pierson
  • Pierson is an English name and it has derived from British surnames.
  • Often a tradition to pass down a maiden name to a child, Pierson seems to have formed this way.
  • Shorten it to Pierce for a nickname, and use it instead of the popular “P” names, such as Parker or even Peter.
  1. Monte
  • High society sounding, and very posh and regal; Monte is a cool name that oozes self-love and respect.
  • An English name that means, “From the wealthy man’s mountain,” it is often short for Monroe.
  • Not your cup of tea? It certainly serves as a statement making middle name.
  1. Braxton
  • Suffer from Braxton Hicks contractions? Don’t let your baby forget it. In all seriousness, Braxton is a cute baby name that is one of a kind.
  • Sporty and slick, Braxton comes from England.
  • It can be shortened to Brax, or B; and pairs perfectly with a middle name like Thomas or James.
  1. Tobias
  • Tobias can be shortened to Toby. 
  • In Greek, Tobias means, “love God.” Perfect if you’re religious and looking for a name that has biblical meaning that isn’t John, Paul, or Matthew, it also makes a cool middle name.
  1. Whitney
  • Gaining notoriety and popularity thanks to the Bravo TV show, Southern Charm; Whitney is one unique baby boy name.
  • Charming, friendly, and talented, Whitney also works great for a girl. Whitney is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning, “from the white island.”
  • Often a family name, you can start it in your own family now!
  1. Vale
  • Love to ski? Maybe the name Vale has been on your radar then. A spin off of Vail; Vale can be spelled either way.
  • An English name, it means, “lives in the valley.” You can choose to also pronounce it as “Val” for something different. Statement making and sporty, Vale stands out among a crowd.
  1. Dante
  • Fiery and passionate, Dante comes from the Greek word that means, “A.” Not very exciting, but the name itself is.
  • Made famous from Dante’s Inferno, Dante is edgy and cool.
  • Different and daring, it’s a name for a true risk taker!
  1. Sawyer
  • Outdoorsy, rugged, yet sweet; Sawyer is a simply cool unique baby boy name.
  • Made popular from Tom Sawyer, and Sawyer from the TV show, Lost; there’s something almost magical to this name.
  • Isn’t childhood supposed to be magical? A Celtic word, it means, “cut wood.”
  • Perfect for parents who are hands on and love nature, Sawyer is a great pick for unique baby boy names.
  1. Carsten
  • A spin off of Carson, Carsten means, “Christian” in Latin. Carsten is a name of a boy who is friendly to everyone.
  • He holds himself to high standards and is always upbeat.
  • A playful and fun name to choose, it could also be a unique baby girl name as well.
  1. Crowley
  • Southern inspired, this laid back baby boy’s name is Irish and means, “Hard hero.”
  • Rugged and tough, Crowley is intriguing and interesting.
  • Anything but common, it rolls off the tongue and can be argued that it was a surname that has turned into a first name.
  1. Radames
  • Radames (pronounced rad-uh-mis) is an oldie but an underused goodie. An Egyptian name, it is meant to honor an ancient hero within the culture.
  • Fun if looking for something unexpected and something that is culturally unique, Radames doesn’t disappoint!
  1. Paxton
  • Paxton is an English name that means, “From the peaceful farm.”
  • You can call your baby Pax for short (like Angelina Jolie!) and it’s just an overall, relaxed, chill name.
  • Easy to pair with classic middle names like James, John, or Michael; Paxton is definitely makes for unique baby boy names.
  1. Dimitri
  • Dimitri’s origin comes from Greece and it means, “Earth lover.”
  • Not often heard on the street, Dimitri is strong, smooth, and full of confidence.
  • Ideal for those who want to carry on their Greek roots, Dimitri is a great choice.
  1. Anders
  • Love the name, Anderson? Maybe you don’t love its popularity. There are many men named Anderson, but how many are just named Anders? Fun to take a sought out name and shorten it; Anders is refreshing and fun.
  • An English name, Anders means, “manly or brave.”
  • Perfect for those who wish to instill these qualities in their little one, Anders is cool and confident.

Kat Kilbane, Executive Director, Life Care Services

A baby boy in purple clothes holding a football in the field.

That’s all Folks!

The awesome thing about choosing a baby name is that there’s no right or wrong name. Think of a name as a special gift that belongs to your child. You can ensure their name is very special because you’ve chosen one of the most unique baby boy names around! It takes only 26 letters to make millions of words, but it takes lots of time and thought to choose the perfect name for your child. Also don’t miss out on our complete list of unique baby girl names also! The list is chalked full of fun, adventurous names!

Tralynza Conley, Founder, TLC Counseling & Consulting Services

Comment below and tell us your favorite baby girl names!

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