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Unique Girl Names - Unique Names For Your Baby Girl!

Unique Baby Girl Names for 2020!

Finding out that you’re expecting is one of the most exciting moments of your life. What’s even more exciting? Selecting a name for your baby! Whether you know the gender or not, it’s a good idea to start brainstorming some options. Not into the traditional names like Ann, Catherine, Sarah, or Jessica? You’re not alone! Mommies to be, all over the globe, wish to shake things up a bit and choose non-traditional, unique baby girl names. If you think you fall into this category, read on to learn about some popular, yet different baby girl names to add to your list.

Unique Girl Names
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Let's see some unique girl names for your sweet baby girl:

  1. Hadley - Old English unique girl name

What’s not to like? It is short, sweet, and different. An Old English unique girl name, Hadley means “heather field.” It’s been popping up all over tv shows and movies, but it actually can be traced back to Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, who was the first wife of Ernest Hemingway. Not only is there a bit of history there, but it makes for unique baby girl names.

  1. Teagan - Unique baby girl name with Irish roots

Celebrate your Irish roots or not!) by choosing the name, Teagan. Derived from Ireland, the name means, “poet.” If you are reflective, cool, and collected; Teagan may be the name for your daughter! Well, that's definitely one of the most unique girl names that I have ever heard!

  1. Tenley -  fun, fresh, and it’s one of the best unique baby girl names

The name, Tenley, is anything but traditional. It’s been traced back to Lancashire, England as a surname. Meaning, “town,” the name became popular since the show, The Bachelor featured a bachelorette by this name. It’s fun, fresh, and it’s one of the best unique baby girl names on the market!

  1. Lenore

Lenore is often shortened to Leni, and it means “light.” Derived from Greece, the name Lenore/Leni became popular after super model, Heidi Klum and singer, Seal named their beautiful, baby this sweet sounding name.

  1. Pearl

Antiquated, quirky, yet confident; Pearl is one of the most fun, unique baby girl names. Coming straight out of England (but found all over the world), your little one’s name will literally mean the stone itself. A fresh update on the name Jewel, Pearl is often also spelled Perle.

Pearl A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: ANNA GRANT
  1. Opal

Piggybacking off the name, Pearl; Opal is just as fresh and pretty. Smooth and strong, the name seems to roll off the tongue. It became wildly popular in the Victorian era, especially since the October gemstone, Opal , was thrown into the mix with other precious stone-themed names. Derived from Sanskrit, the name Opal literally means gem. This could be a cute name for a mom who has an October birthday, or an October due date!

  1. January

Want your daughter to be named after the God of Beginnings? The name, January, is a great choice then. Ideal if your baby is due in this first month of the year; or if the month January has a significant meaning to you or your partner; it has Latin roots. January Jones, the main star of Mad Men has put the name on the market, and it’s easy to be shortened to Jan, Jannie, or Jane!

  1. Alma

Alma is a name that has derived from the Latin word, almus. This means kind, nourishing, or fostering. Simple yet sophisticated, Alma is a must if you’re in search of unique baby girl names. For those who are Louis Vuitton lovers, the designer named one of his most famous bags, Alma!

  1. Adella

Known for being noble, the name, Adella is simply gorgeous. It rolls of the tongue with ease and can be shortened to Della, or even Adelle. It hails from Spain and is cute for moms who are looking for a traditional, yet playful name!

  1. Elowin

Elowen often gets shortened to Winnie or Elle. It’s from Native American cultures and means “happy house” or “paradise beyond the sun setting.” Classy, strong, and one of the most unique baby girl names, it’s just what you are looking for! Ideal if you have Native American ancestry, or if you simply want to give your little lady a stoic name, it’s one to definitely jot down in the books.

Elowin A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: Anna Nahabed
  1. Cordelia

Romantic, muse-like, and poetic; the name Cordelia is popular back in Victorian times. It’s been associated with Latin roots, giving it the meaning, “heart.” However, it pops up back in Welsh cultures, where it means, “jewel of the sea.” Adorable and unique, it can be left long or shortened to Delia or Cora.

  1. Presley

The female version of Preston, Presley is a happy go lucky name for a girl. An English name; Presley means, “from the meadow.” Innocent yet chic, the name pairs well with most one syllable middle names.

  1. Paisley

Paisley is the perfect name for you if you live in the country since it sounds natural, down to Earth, and just plain sweet. Perky and playful, the vibrant name derives from the Latin meaning of “church.” Wholesome and fun; it’s definitely a must for unique baby girl names.

  1. Tinsley

Tinsley is glamorous, modern, yet approachable. Made popular since Tinsley Mortimer appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City, moms around the globe are giving their girls this unique name. Tinsley is from the Old English word for “hill.” While its meaning doesn’t add up to much, it is pretty catchy!

  1. Winnie

Remember Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years? Your little sweetheart can sport this oldie but goodie name! A Welsh name, Winnie means, “light one.” Cute and darling, Winnie is also often spelled Wynne; and modern moms who take the name don’t pair it with a middle name (which is becoming a popular trend again).

  1. Eloise

High society, classy, and sophisticated, Eloise is simply a beautiful name. Great for city dwellers or moms who want to start and pass on an elite name, Eloise is often shortened to Ella, Lou, or Louise. A German name, Eloise’s meaning isn’t half as pretty as how it sounds! Meaning, “wide,” the name is also popularly spelled Elouise.

Eloise A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: fufu10
  1. Harper

The perfect mix between female and male, which is a humongous trend among parents today; Harper is a fresh and fun name. Easy going, upbeat, and carefree; Harper comes from England and means, “harp player.” While it’s mainly used for a first name, Harper is also a popular middle name!

  1. Palmer

Southern inspired, Palmer is a popular surname that has been turned into a girl’s first name. Sporty yet chic, Palmer became popular a few years ago after Cameron, the star of Southern Charm; used this name for her little girl. It’s an English name, which means “pilgrim.” This is a cute way to honor English roots or those who just wish to use unique baby girl names.

  1. Berkley

Cute and carefree, Berkley will instantly remind you of California. It’s an English name which means “birch tree meadow.” Many moms are scanning maps to view unique names of cities or towns for baby name inspiration. Guess what? Berkley is one of the most popular names selected!

  1. Faye

Classic, dramatic, and strong; Faye will remind you of an old Hollywood star! A French name, Faye means “confident.” Great for moms who want their baby’s name to truly resonate with their being; Faye is a great choice!

  1. Cooper

A modern, uni-sex name; many moms are scooping up the name Cooper. A Middle English name, the meaning of the name is the word itself! A cooper long ago was a barrel maker. Cute and catchy, Cooper has a sporty, carefree, and zany feel.

  1. Louisa

Strong and celebrated, the name Louisa means, “warrior” in Latin. If you love the novel, Little Women, you definitely need to honor the author, Louisa May Alcott! Old fashioned yet timeless, Louisa has been becoming quite popular over the years. A fun spin off/nickname to use? Many moms call their little ones Weezy!

Louisa A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: Nataliisaff
  1. Magda

If you are looking for unique baby girl names, you may want to consider Magda. A German word for “maiden” Magda is feminine, fearless, and fabulous. Shortened to Maggie or Mags, Magda can also be lengthened into Magdalena for a more matriarch name.

  1. Bronte

Whimsical, dreamy, and classic; Bronte will remind you of the author, Emily Bronte of Wuthering Heights. Again, a southern practice of taking a last name and turning it into a first name; Bronte is certainly one of a kind. Of Greek origin, Bronte means “thunder.” Great for making an impact, or naming a baby that arrives with a boom, it’s an attention grabbing name.

  1. Stassi

A nickname or derivative from the name Nastassia, Stassi is Greek and means “resurrection.” A beautiful name to use if you’ve lost a loved one right around the time of the birth of your baby; Stassi will help their soul get reborn and their memory name on. While it has gained popularity and attention from Bravo star, Stassi Schroder on Vanderpump Rules; the name is rich in history and ancestry! Plus, it just sounds pretty cool!

  1. Kyle

A uni-sex name, Kyle has grown in popularity over the years. The perfect c combination between strong, sweet, and sexy; Kyle is easy to say, spell, and smile over! Kyle is a Scottish name, meaning a church. Great if you want something that has a biblical representation; Kyle is as modern and progressive as it gets for a girl’s name.

  1. Laure

Pronounced “Lore,” Laure is a totally unique baby girls name. Latin for bay, this could be pretty if you’re a water lover or even planning on having a water birth! Laure is unexpected yet pretty. It is full of confidence and is also a great alternative to a one syllable middle name, rather than Ann, Lynn, or May!

Laure A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: everst
  1. McCoy

Funky, playful, vibrant, and spunky; McCoy is one of those names that gets made up on a whim, but ends up being pretty fabulous! Scottish for “fire,” be sure to name your little one this if you think she’s going to have a fiery personality or if she took you on a wild ride during your pregnancy!

  1. Nonni

An Italian word for grandparent, the name Nonni feels anything but old. New and innovative, it takes on a meaning and life of itself, much like the name Lala or Bebe. Perfect for those who are Italian in origin but who don’t want to follow traditional naming rituals, Nonni will certainly shake things up a bit and will make for unique baby girl names.

  1. Shea

One syllable, strong, and smart; Shea sounds confident!  It’s also warm and friendly. An Irish word, Shea means courteous. What parent doesn’t want that? Perfect to pair with a longer middle name like Elizabeth, it rolls off the tongue and isn’t something you see or hear every day!

  1. Moby

Traditionally a boy’s name, Moby has been making an appearance on the girl’s baby name list since parents are opting for naming their daughters traditionally masculine names. Moby is an American inspired name, since author Herman Melville named his infamous whale this beloved term. Cool and hip, Moby is modern and peppy.

  1. Logan

Also traditionally a boy’s name, Logan has been widely pulled for little girls as of late. Friendly, inviting, and overall happy sounding, Logan would be a great choice for a lively little girl. Logan is Scottish and means “hollow.” Great for a first name or middle name, it’s a unique baby girl name that certainly stands out from a crowd and teaches others to expect the unexpected.

Logan A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: Alex_dobrii
  1. Tatum

In English, Tatum means “cheerful bringer of joy.” How cute! Tatum is lovable, joyful, and light hearted. It definitely fits on the list of unique baby girl names. Unexpected but pleasant, Tatum can be shortened to Tate or Tattie.

  1. Sheridan

Cool, calm, and confident, the name Sheridan is a big hit among moms. Shortened to Sherri, Sher, or Shera; Sheridan comes from Ireland and means untamed. Sure to help her stand out and stand up for herself and what she believes in later in her life, the smooth name is anything but ordinary.

  1. Arwen

Cute and quirky, Arwen is another great choice for moms who are searching for unique baby girl names. Welsh in origin, the term means “fair.” Perfectly precious, it helps moms move away from uber trendy names like Addison, Ainsley, and Ava. Easy to pair with a one syllable middle name, Arwen exudes confidence, grace, and elegance.

  1. Kali

Super chill and casual; Kali will make you think of good vibe and will give off good energy. Derived from the Greeks, the name means “beautiful.” Pronounced Cal-e; the name rolls off the tongue, is a spin-off of the traditional name Kelly and Kahley; but brings something more and unique to the table!

  1. Raj

One syllable, one strong statement, one word is all you need (much like Madonna!). If you want your daughter to be known in a hurry, name her Raj. Totally cool and confident, the name Raj hails from Sanskrit and means “king.” A popular male name in various cultures, give your girl good, strong energy right from the get go!

  1. Nellie

Country inspired, approachable, and fun loving; Nellie is an oldie but a goodie! Also popularly spelled Nelly (yes, like the rap star), Nellie comes from England and means “shining light.” A nickname of Eleanor, Nellie is strong enough to stand on its own. It can be cut down to Nell and it’s hard to say it without smiling, hence unleashing the shining light from within you!

Nellie A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: Lopolo
  1. Dolly

Bright, beautiful, and a bit bold; Dolly is an adorable name to call your little, human doll! An English name meaning, “gift of God,” it’s light hearted and is one of the most unique baby girl names today. Rebecca Rominj and Jerry O’Connell named one of their twins Dolly, and Dolly Parton, the talented country music singer exudes life and soul with just one look! If you are in search of a cheerful name, search no further!

  1. Rosario

Spanish for “rosary,” Rosario is a unique name for your daughter. It can easily be shortened to Rosie or Rose and it demands respect and attention from the get go! Soft and sweet, the name has strength but innocence, which can be an ideal combination of personal traits!

  1. Teddi

Teddy is primarily a male name, but lately, the trend shows that if you slap an “i” on the end of a name, you can quickly turn it female! Teddi Mellencamp has recently brought light to the age old name. Giving it a modern and fresh make over, Teddy with an “i” is utterly adorable and approachable. The name itself is English and it means, “God given.” What a treat!

  1. Alaster

In Greek, Alaster means “defender or protector.” If you want your little girl to grow up strong and respected, consider this name! Alaster can be shortened to Ally and it has a romantic heroism to it. If you’re known to read one too many romance novels, you will probably be instantly drawn to this name! Not into it as a first name? How pretty would Alaster also sound as a middle name?

  1. Skye

Hailing from Scotland, Skye means “adventurous.” Teach her from the start that life truly is one big adventure. Skye is attractive and popular as one of the most unique baby girl names because it’s one syllable and it slides off the tongue. Statement making, it has a naturalist quality to it. It also makes a pretty middle name and can also be spelled Sky, or Skie.

Skye A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: Lopolo
  1. Anya

Anya is Russian and it means “mother.” Nurturing, caring, and beautiful, Anya is a delicate and feminine female name. It’s unique because it’s not overused at all and it is simply unexpected! Anya also sounds passionate and fiery, so carefully choose her middle name to set the tone and establish a desired vibe!

  1. Jolie

Perfectly pretty, Jolie is French and it means just that-attractive, pretty, beautiful! Exotic and playful, Jolie is a fresh change up from the traditional name, Julie or Julia. Because it’s two syllables are smooth and soft, it also makes a great middle name. Angelina Jolie has inspired many moms to rob her of her last name (which is technically her official middle name) and the name is great to use if you have French roots. Jolie is one of the most unique girl names available! 

  1. Queenie

Because Quin is becoming so popular and widely used, keep the consonant, but switch the sounds up a bit! Queenie is a fresh take on Quin and is completely muse material. An Old English word meaning “royal lady,” treat her like the little princess she is right from the start by donning her this unique baby girl name.

  1. Priscilla

Precious and pristine, Priscilla is an older name that has a beautiful sound! Nickname your little one Prissy-how funny and cute! A Latin word, it means “ancient.” It’s currently not a popularly ranked name at all, which is perfect if you want to name your daughter something that isn’t commonly used! While your mind may go straight to Priscilla Presley, the name is the epitome of a girly girl!

  1. Darla

Darla sounds so darling! An English name, the word literally means, “darling,” what could be more appropriate to name a sweet, baby girl? Not common in the least, you won’t find anyone else on the street with this name! Easy to pair with short or long syllable middle names, it’s a must if you’re searching for unique baby girl names in this modern era.

Darla A Unique Baby Girl Name
Source: / Photo Contributor: Impact Photography


The cool thing about choosing a unique baby girl name is that anything goes! The popular patterns indicate you can make a name out of any word that tends to end in an –a, -y, or - i, so have fun and be creative.


These 50 girl names - Unique and cool - will help you with your name search, or even inspire you to think up a new one. Names can be passed down from generation to generation, or they can be started on the spot, in your family tree. Once you have your baby girl name chosen, you can start planning for perfect baby girl outfits to match! Be sure to have a look through our website for super fun and affordable cute baby girl clothing styles perfect for matching any name in our list :)

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