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Mommy & Me Dresses (12M+)

Mommy and Me Dresses Boutique

Matching mommy and me dresses might be our funniest collection to date! Dress you and your mini-me up today in one of our many different stylish matching dresses. Our customers are crazy for our mommy and me dresses!

Mommy and Me Matching Dresses

Mommy and me outfits and matching dresses are great for family photos, special events, or just hangin' out around town. Our matching mommy and me dresses are for 12-month-old girls and up. Our stock is fairly limited so find your matching dresses below and grab them before they're gone! Bitsy Bug Boutique is the boutique that you will ever need! And remember, you can get your matching dresses with FREE delivery for any order over $30! 

Browse our Mommy and me dresses collection:

Quality Durable Matching Dresses 

Mommy and me matching girls' dresses are a fun way to make your outfits special. You and your daughter share a special bond, so why not share a special dress! It will make your little girl feel so special to know that she's finally big enough to dress just like mom.  

Great For Outdoors

If you and your little girl are planning a mother-daughter day trip at the beach, why not go in style! Identical summer dresses will be super cute at the beach. The pair of you will get some amazing, summery photos in your matching dresses. We have a great collection of mommy and me summer dresses that are stylish, durable, and will suit both you and your daughter perfectly. For a particularly trendy beach outfit, go for mommy and me matching maxi dresses. 

Maxi dresses have made a real comeback in the last few years. Just imagine your long summer gowns blowing in the wind as you stare out at the waves and the passing sailboats. You'll definitely want to bring a camera with you if you go for this idyllic option! 

Easy To Match For Special Events 

If you're bringing your daughter to a wedding, why not make the experience extra special by going in the same dress! She'll feel extra special in matching dresses, plus the getting ready process will be extra fun. Our collection of mommy and me formal dresses have plenty of wedding-appropriate dresses to choose from. Whether you're after a modern, a-line design with an Aztec pattern or a classic balloon skirt, you'll find an option to suit your individual taste in the selection of mommy and me formal dresses. Pair the outfit with some matching accessories, and the pair of you will look like two beautiful peas in a pod. 

Excellent Baby Shower Ideas

If your daughter is about to become a big sister, she might be feeling overwhelmed, confused, and a little bit scared. Welcoming a new baby into the family can be a difficult adjustment for everyone, particularly for older siblings. The best way to calm your daughter's nerves is to keep her involved in your preparations. Get her excited for the new arrival by letting her dress just like you for the baby shower.

Look for mommy and me maternity dresses so that you two really will be identical. Also, be sure to keep her involved in the plans. Let her take part in the games, plan the food, and put up decorations. Most children become anxious when they realize their parents will be focused on a new child instead. So keep her worries at bay by letting her take part in the whole process. 

Easy Picks For Events

If your daughter is about to be christened or baptized, it can be really fun to use the opportunity to wear your very first matching dresses. Look for specialty all-white matching mommy and me baptism dresses if you're going for a traditional vibe. If mommy and me baptism dresses seem too over the top for your family, you could opt for formal mommy and me matching dresses, modest enough for the occasion, and simple in style. 

If you find cute mommy and me matching dresses for newborn babies, don't worry too much if they aren't 'traditional' christening clothes. It's more important that you both look and feel comfortable on the day. 

Stylish Options 

Yearly holidays are a great excuse to get dressed up, and matching with your daughter will super fun on just about any holiday. You might even get enough matching photos together for a mini photo album! Look for cute mommy and me matching 4th of July dresses that are red, white, and blue. These will be perfect for going to watch the fireworks. 

If you're looking for matching mommy and me Easter dresses, go for bright, pastel colors like yellow, baby blue, and light pink. Pair these dresses with bunny ears, and you will look adorable! And of course, you'll want to get some festive mommy and me matching Christmas dresses. These are perfect for Christmas parties, where you'll get some amazing photos, or just for the festive season in general. 

Wearing your special Christmas dresses throughout December will help your little one get in the Christmas spirit. She might even enjoy it so much that it becomes a tradition. You may end up wearing matching Christmas outfits for years to come! 

Easy To Put On Mommy and Me Dresses Baby 

If you two happen to share a birthday day or month, mommy and me dresses are the perfect things to wear for a joint party. You could even try to find matching dresses that work with a theme you two have chosen together. Alternatively, you could use the opportunity to get extra dressy and go for matching mommy and me lace dresses. You'll find plenty of stunning matching dresses in our collection that will be perfect for your big day together. 

Fun for Parents

It's never too early to instill in your daughter the importance of Mother's Day. She'll grow up understanding just how important it is to celebrate you if you start throwing yourself parties now. Why not, after all, you definitely deserve it! 

Mother's Day is about celebrating being a mother, so you may as well involve your daughter as well. It's a perfect time to pull out some cute family outfits for the pair of you! We recommend something cute and casual for Mother's Day that you'll both feel comfortable wearing all day long. Spend the day together as mother and daughter twins. Head out for a walk, do some crafts, go to the cinema - all in your cute mommy and me dresses. 

Whether you're after plus-size mommy and me outfits, dresses that are ready-made or a good sewing pattern, matching mommy and me dresses are guaranteed to be a hit. So, buy mommy and me matching dresses at our store today, and you and your little girl will be ready for any occasion under the sun!

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