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Baby Gear

Quality Durable Baby Gear

Getting ready for the new arrival of a baby can sometimes feel like an enormous task. You'll need clothes, a crib, a stroller, and all sorts of other baby gear. Not to mention, a comprehensive baby-raising plan and schedule are required as well.

Baby Gear for all your needs

It can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, we've done the research for you and narrowed down the best baby gear products to ten absolutely essential items every expectant parent will need for their kids.

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Pacifiers are an essential item for new parents. Keeping your new baby calm and happy will be one of your biggest concerns. Pacifiers are comforting for babies and help to reduce stress. It's typically recommended to introduce a pacifier into your baby's routine at around the one-month mark. At this point, your child should be used to breastfeeding, and the pacifier won't confuse him or her.  

We have some adorable pacifiers in our collection that are durable and affordable. We even have the unique fresh food pacifier that has the calming effects of a regular pacifier, while also acting as a safe feeder. 

Sink bathtub 

Keeping your baby clean will be a very important part of the daily routine. While babies are still young and small, it's recommended that a smaller tub is used. A portable sink tub can sit on any counter-top and makes bath time with your baby much easier. Your child will be able to sit upright and play with toys, which means you'll have your hands free to give him or her a thorough clean. 

Diaper Caddy and a Stylish Diaper Bag 

Unfortunately, diaper changes are soon to be a daily feature in your life. No parent enjoys constantly changing diapers, but with a well-designed diaper caddy, the chore will be a lot easier and a lot less painful. Be sure you have a well-stocked diaper caddy ready to go at home so that when the time comes, everything works like clockwork.  

For diaper changes on the go, pack a diaper bag full of all of the essentials. Check out our collection of stylish diaper bags (just like Baby Gear Camberley) that will make you feel a little bit more glamorous on your outings with your baby. We've also got a lovely, stylish caddy to keep at home for all of those daily emergencies.  

Stroller Sleeping Bag 

For blustery, breezy days, it will be necessary to have something to keep your little one warm and cozy. A stroller sleeping bag will do the trick. Your child will be well protected from all types of weather conditions and will be comfortable enough to fall asleep in their strollers. This guaranteed nap time will be a blessing for you. Make sure to find a sleeping bag that is easy to secure to your stroller, that is well insulated, and that is made of comfy materials.  


Bibs are an absolute essential item for new parents. When your baby gets old enough to start eating solid foods, you will be amazed by how little of it seems to hit the target. When looking for baby bibs, make sure they are easily cleanable and sturdy. Bibs with a fold at the bottom will save you loads of time and energy sweeping up the floor after mealtime. 

Portable Changing Mat 

Portable changing mats are some of the most tactical baby gear items available. Having a sturdy mat that you can fold up and fit easily into your bag will be a lifesaver. You'll never have to worry about finding the perfect changing spot. Instead, any flat, clean surface is instantly transformed into a comfy, functioning changing table. Plus, your child will really appreciate the familiarity of the mat.  

Safety locks and corner guards 

When your child gets old enough to start exploring on all fours, you'll need to start thinking about baby-proofing the house. This is when our baby gear becomes handy! Sharp corners and toddler-level cupboards are two of the most hazardous places in the house. Make sure you purchase lots of the corner guards and safety locks to keep your baby safe from bumps to the head and dangerous chemicals or choking hazards.


One of the best ways to save time and energy as a new mom is to keep everything organized. Organization may be the last thing on your mind (you may even think that your home will never be tidy again), but investing in a simple, well-designed organizer for your baby items will make an unbelievable difference in your daily stress levels. It's hard to keep things tidy when you just shove them in a box or on a shelf. With an organizer, every single item of cool baby gear will have its own special spot. You'll know where everything is, plus, you'll know exactly where to put it when you're done with it. 


Soft toys will comfort and calm your child from a very young age. Make sure to buy durable, cuddly toys and introduce them at nap time and bedtime to help establish a sleeping routine. These baby toys will also be hugely beneficial when your child decides to have a meltdown in the park or at the grocery store. A cuddly bedtime toy can help calm your child and will save you the stress of dealing with incessant, public screeching. 

Baby outdoor gear 

Taking your baby on an outdoor adventure can be fun and daunting. Having the right gear with you will be essential. Be sure to bring all the essentials you could possibly need, as well as sun hats, sun cream and a portable bed. If you're looking for baby swim gear, baby camping gear or baby beach gear, check out our amazing collection for some great ideas. 

Buying tips 

With all of the supplies on your shopping list, you may be worried about finding cheap baby gear or clearance baby gear that won't break the bank. With some items, like a stroller or a crib, it is possible to buy used baby gear. However, with items that the baby will use for eating or that you will be using for changing or feeding, it's always best to buy new, unused products.  

Luckily, our collection is full of discount baby gear that is high quality, extremely durable, and, most importantly, always affordable. For the newest baby gear innovations, and some great quality baby gear bundle sets, be sure to check our online store.