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The Collab - A Community Mom's Blog

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Welcome to our community Moms Blog!

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What's the collaboration part of our moms blog?

When we first started this online baby store, we weren't planning on starting a moms blog. We wrote a few articles and the response was overwhelming! What we didn't realize about writing blog posts was that there's too much information in the parenting world for just our own hands to write on! We needed help. So we put together his fun collaboration network where moms and dads could blog together, helping generate brand awareness and networking opportunities all in one place! Building a mom blog, dad blog, or parenting blog can be difficult when staritng out. Bitsy Bug Boutiuqe's blog, The Collab, gives mom bloggers, dad bloggers, and grandparent bloggers exclusive access to an entire world of mom's and dad's looking for the best parenting information, advice, reviews, and more. 

What makes our moms blog more fun?

Our moms blog brings together the brightest moms and dads from around the globe sharing information and real life experiences on everything parenting. We value real life experiences in our moms blog because it allows readers to really relate. We aim to avoid information dumping and focus more on the idea of education with sprinkles of personal tragedy and triumph. 

As a leading moms and moms to be blog, we are excited that you're here reading and engaging with us! If you're visiting our moms blog for the very first time, we encourage you to give us your feedback at the end of blog posts! It means a lot to us! But even more so, our audience needs to know about other people's lives!

Why are mom bloggers vital to our feed of information?

Mom bloggers and dad bloggers bring a fresh breath of Do It Yourself suggestions that we may not get from a more certified blog like Web MD. Often times, the best solution to a baby problem might not fall into the typical medial journal suggestion. Moms and dads have a knack for "inventing things on the run" when it comes to unique homemade or home drawn up solutions. We love that about our mom bloggers. They bring the "real" to the blog. We of course believe that all readers should carefully and properly do their own research after reading our moms blog and consult with loved ones before making any drastic decisions. Our vision with this moms blog is to bring well researched fact together with vibrant and necessary story telling.