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Geriatric Pregnancy - Everything You Need to Know

geriatric pregnancies
  Are you pregnant and over age 35? If so, you may have heard the phrase geriatric pregnancy, and you may have even been insulted by it. Today, mo...

False or Phantom Pregnancy (Pseudocyesis) - Everything You Need to Know

  Maybe you’re feeling nauseated. Your breasts are swollen, you feel more tired than usual, and you’re seriously craving ice cream. Your period ...

You’re Delivering! Wait, Who Should Be In The Delivery Room?

who should be in the delivery room when you give birth
Some simple advice on who should be in the delivery room with you when you're giving birth. Child delivery is a process which is no doubt very m...

The Great Childbirth Debate - NEW - Epidural vs Natural

epidural vs natural childbirth
Natural vs Epidural Childbirth Baby Deliveries Childbirth is a very exciting moment in the life of a mother. However, it can also be scary especia...