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Baby Girl Swimsuits & Infant Girl Swimwear

Premium Quality Baby Girl Swimwear

Who doesn't love a little fun in the sun? We've curated a super fun collection of the cutest baby girl swimsuits you'll find on the web! Browse through one pieces, bikinis, and swimsuit sets today and find just the right baby girl swimsuit outfit for 2019. And remember, we always offer free shipping on orders over $30!

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Quality Durable Baby Girl Swimsuits 

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning some fun outings with your little girl. No summer holiday is complete without a lazy day at the beach. Soon, you’ll be lounging back on a deck chair with the sun beating down on your face and the waves lapping in the distance while your little one plays in the sand nearby in one of her baby girl swimsuits. For the perfect beach outing, you’ll need to find the perfect beach outfit for your little one.   

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for baby girl swimsuits. Our collection is full of adorable options to choose from, so these shopping tips will help you to make your decision. We’ll help you with each step of the process from choosing the best size to finding the best deals. We’ve also got some great tips on using our free shipping, our customer service, and our low to high price option.  

Baby Girl Swimsuits - Style by Age  

Let’s start by breaking down the best swimwear styles by age. Depending on how old your daughter is, she may be more comfortable in a specific style.   

Infant Baby Girl Swimwear  

If you’re looking for a newborn girl swimsuit or infant girl swimwear for your baby, you may want to consider buying a simple summer onesie or a set of our reusable, waterproof diapers for swimming. Newborns are usually too young to be in the water, but at around three months, she may want to start dipping her toes in the water (with your help), so we do have some adorable options for aged three months and over.  

Three Months to 12 months  

Our range of swimwear for girls starts at our three months size. While your little one is still small, we recommend comfortable swimsuits that don’t have too many decorative parts. This is for her safety and her comfort. We have some adorable one-piece and two-piece options for this age range, some of which come with cute matching accessories. If your daughter is nearing 12 months, try the Tropical Tassel Swimsuit, which has an adorable tasseled top, tropical bottoms, and a matching headband to tie the outfit together.  

Toddler Girl Swimwear  

Once your daughter is one or two years old, she’ll be a little more self-sufficient and might be ready for some of our cute toddler styles. Our girls’ bikinis are perfect for this age range. With more decorative elements, our toddler bikinis are perfect for your tiny little fashionista. Go for something like the red stripe halter for a classic, chic look or, for a more modern, boho look, try the leopard print bikini and headband set. This is also a great age to try some of our funny swimming costumes. Before she gets too old, why not try one of our adorable animal-themed bathing suits.    

Aged 3-6 Girl’s Swimwear  

Once your daughter reaches three years old, she’ll probably be ready to help you choose her new swimming costume. We’ve got some gorgeous beach outfits for your daughter at this age - you’ll probably be jealous that they don’t come in your size. We love the Lace Sundress Bikini Set, which comes with a cute white bikini and a lace sundress to throw over the top. Or, try the Vintage Bikini with Matching headband for a retro 1950s look. Another favorite is our matching bikini set. This outfit will look amazing on both of you, plus, it’s sure to result in some truly adorable family photos.   

Tips for Buying Baby Girl Swimsuits

Shopping online can be tricky. It’s easy to miss sales and new arrivals. Plus, it can be daunting making a purchase without being able to see if the size is correct. Here are some tips on how to find, sort through, and pick the best swimsuits, girls or boys styles.   

Girl Swimming Costume Options

Our baby bathers range is easy to find. Select the following categories: Shop > Girl’s Collections > Girls Swimsuits. Or, simply search for the type of swimsuit you’re after, then browse the results.  

Check Our Sales   

The best way to get a good deal is to keep checking for items on sale. Our online shop makes it easy to see the available discount on every single product. Try searching by low to high price to view the cheapest options at the top of page one. We are currently having a clearance sale for some of our swimwear, so be sure to get a good deal while it lasts!  

Free Delivery Options  

Sometimes, you can save some money by double-checking the free shipping requirements. Our shipping is free for orders over $30. It may be worth adding a few beach accessories to your order to qualify for our free shipping.  

Sort Our Collections Carefully

There are several ways you can sort through products while shopping online. Try to sort by selecting price low to high or selecting price high to low. This way, you’ll be able to narrow down which items are best for you. Another filter option is to sort by featured. This will give you an exclusive look at brand new products. A great option on our website is the sort by size option. Simply choose your little girl’s age and select apply to view the styles we have available.  

All of our baby girl swimwear has been tried and tested by real moms across the country. To see our top-rated brands, simply select reviews at the top of the page.   

Check Our Size Charts  

If you’re concerned about choosing the correct size for your daughter, check out our handy size charts. These charts will help you to break down the correct size by height and weight rather than age.