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Baby Girl Dresses (3M+)

Baby Girl Dresses

Finding fun baby girl dresses can be tough, so we hand selected these fun little numbers just for our customers. Bitsy Bug Boutique stocks only the best baby girl dresses and toddler girl dresses. 

Boutique Dresses for Baby Girls

Finding a baby boutique dress or boutique dresses for baby girls has never been easier! We are always focusing on how to make your babies look sweet and adorable in their boutique dresses!

Little Girl Dresses Boutique

We carry a large line of cute dresses for baby girls including styles such as lace, floral, fruit, striped, dotted, bow ties, tutus, and more! And remember, Bitsy Bug Boutique always offer free shipping on orders over $30! Dresses are great for lot's of occasions but what about your everyday clothing needs? Make sure you check out our toddler and baby girl onesies before you leave. They're super cute and always useful!

Check out our baby girl dresses collection:

Quality Durable Dresses

As a mom, having a baby girl is full of both its joys and its frustrations. The mother-daughter relationship is a special one that naturally goes through its ups and downs. At its worst, you will probably want to pull your hair out. At its best, however, you will have a remarkable new close friend. All of this is in the future for you. Right now, you've got a baby girl. 

You certainly don't need to wait till she's a bit older to start dressing your daughter in some gorgeous, stylish clothes. Our baby girl dresses boutique has a huge selection of options for your baby girl. Here, we've highlighted some important occasions where you'll need some extra special outfits for your little girl.  

Styles That Last

Even when your little girl is tiny, you can still find some lovely little items for her to wear that are super cute and stylish. If you've got a brand new baby girl, you'll need a few basic newborn baby girl dresses and onesies. Try to buy a range of options - warm, cool, colorful, simple. The more variety you build into your little girl's wardrobe, the better. 

Having a decent range of options means you'll always have the perfect thing for whatever the day throws at you. Visit our extensive collection of adorably baby girl dresses. 0-3 months sizes are available, but also be sure to pick up some larger sizes. Babies have a habit of growing faster than we expect! Be sure to buy cute summer dresses, but don't forget to buy onesies for when they're small. These are easy to change and are comfortable for your baby when they're at home. 

If you're having a christening or baptism for your new little girl, you'll probably want to buy a white outfit. We have some lovely baby girl christening dresses. Whether you're after a traditional white dress or a simple, dressy outfit, you find a range of baby girl baptism dresses in our collection. 

Great For Special Occasions  

Your little girl's first birthday is a momentous occasion. You'll want to make sure she's dressed well. You're bound to get some gorgeous photos with your friends and family, so make sure she looks her best. We've got a huge range of options for a 12-month baby girl. Dresses are probably the best option for a first birthday. Go for something cute, dressy, and celebratory. 

If you're looking for extra fancy party dresses for baby girl, try to find flouncy skirts, shiny materials, and decorative features on the dress that make it look extra special. For a baby girl, first birthday dresses can look like anything. The style of the dress is really up to you. Whether you want her to look simple and classic or like she's dressed to the nines; our collection has the perfect option for you. We even have some adorable first birthday dresses with cute phrases about the birthday girl on the front.  

Lot's of Holiday Theme Options 

Christmas is a special time for the whole family. Whether it's her first, second or third Christmas, make sure your little girl is dressed for the festive season. Look for Christmas themed outfits with our baby girl holiday dresses. Red, green, and white go without saying, so go the extra mile by finding dresses with festive pictures and designs on them. 

If you don't feel like going fully festive all December, you can still dress her in cute Christmas-y clothes. Our baby girl sweater dresses look super adorable and are perfect for winter. With their warm knitted design, she'll stay warm all day long. Baby girl winter dresses can be hard to find, but we've got a great collection of festive, warm wear for your little one.   

Easter is another fun holiday to celebrate with your family. In addition to the Easter Egg hunt for chocolate, celebrate by dressing your baby girl in Easter clothing. Baby girl Easter dresses come in all shapes and sizes. You could go for a simple spring dress with cute pastel colors and patterns, or you could choose an Easter-themed dress with eggs or bunnies. You could even go for our bunny ear onesie for a super cute Easter outfit. Have a look at our baby girl special occasion dresses too. You'll find a huge range of fancy, unique dresses that are perfect for Easter, or for any special event. 

Light and Easy To Wear

Summer is when dressing becoming a little bit more fun. You get to cast off the layers of winter and throw on your favorite sundress. Your baby's clothes should be no different. Get ready for summer by stocking up on baby girl summer dresses that are light and breezy. Your little one will be so much more comfortable in a dress when the weather gets hot. Our collection is full of adorable, unusual baby girl dresses. Patterns like aztec and geometric are a great way to spruce up any summer outfit, so keep your eyes out for this year's biggest trend. 

Easy Memories to Make

If you're planning on bringing you little girl to a wedding, you've got a great excuse to get a really special outfit for her. If she's lucky enough to be involved in the ceremony, you'll be looking for baby flower girl dresses. Because she's so small, try to find a dress with a petal-like skirt, so she looks like a little flower herself. If you just need baby girl party dresses, try to find something cute and comfortable. She'll probably be feeling overwhelmed and tired throughout the event, so keeping her comfy is crucial. You can also look for baby girl pageant dresses, which will really turn people's heads and make your baby stand out at the party. 

Choose your little girl's outfits carefully. If she's dressed for the weather and the occasion, she'll be much more comfortable, and your life will be a whole lot easier. And, of course, make sure she always looks adorable too! Have a toddler girl? Also see our Toddler Dresses