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Baby Girl Shoes & Infant Girl Shoes

Baby Girl Shoes

Baby girls shoes and toddler girl shoes are great for styling and for everyday warmth on those cute little feet! Finding a cute baby girl shoes and toddler girl shoes can be pretty tough sometimes so we've curated a really fun selection to help you build out the best look for your bitsy bug. And remember, we always offer free shipping on orders over $30!

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Quality Durable Baby Girl Shoes

Adjusting to life with a baby girl can be challenging. No matter how well and how hard you plan for their arrival, the baby stuff has a habit of quickly taking over the house. Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by endless baby wipes, a sea of tiny onesies, and, inevitably, thousands of teeny tiny little shoes. For someone who doesn't do a whole lot of walking, your little one certainly seems to own a lot of little girl shoes! 

Cute Baby Shoes for Girls

Baby shoes are one of those sneaky baby items that you don't give much thought to before the baby's arrival. There are tons of factors that make each baby shoe unique, and knowing which type of shoe to buy can be surprisingly difficult. If you find yourself with loads of questions about baby shoes, don't worry, you are not alone. That's why we've come up with these FAQs about baby girl shoes to help make your shoe dilemmas a little bit easier. 

When should babies start wearing shoes? 

When they are first born, babies don't have much need for sturdy shoes. You may decide, depending on the time of year, that socks and soft booties are sufficient. Of course, in the winter, you'll need to make sure that your child's feet are well-covered and warm. If you're wondering what age is ideal for a baby's first pair of shoes, we can help. Our customer service support team is by your side any time!

The ideal age varies depending on the child. You may think that shoes and walking go together, but be sure to let your little one take their first steps barefoot as this helps with balance and coordination. Walking shoes, or hard-soled shoes, are best left till your child is more confident on their feet. This is usually around 7 to the 18-month stage. But just because your child can't wear proper big kid shoes yet doesn't mean they can't have something stylish on their feet. We carry a range of newborn baby girl shoes, size 0, that are safe and comfortable for the very youngest children.  

To sum up, as a general rule, aim to buy cute, cuddly soft little girl shoes until your child is confident, independent walker. 

What size shoe does a 12-month-old baby wear? 

At one year, your daughter will likely be between a size 3.5 to 4.5. Baby girl shoes, 12, 18 months of age, can range in size and style. Remember that at 12 months, your child might not yet be a confident walker and may still need soft-soled shoes. 

What types of shoes are the most comfortable for babies? 

Keeping your baby comfortable will save you and your child lots of stress and, hopefully, a few extra hours of sleep. When choosing comfy baby shoes, make sure you've selected soft fabrics and the right size. If the shoes are itchy or too tight, they will quickly become an annoyance.  

Remember, practical, comfortable baby shoes don't have to be boring. If she's big enough, try looking for baby girl Nike shoes. Sneakers are super trendy, while still being comfortable. We have some lovely cushioned sneakers available for babies in our online store. Baby girl converse shoes are another fashionable option if your little girl is less sporty and more trendy. 

Which baby shoes are appropriate for fancy events? 

Dressing an infant or a young child for a dressy event can be a huge pain, right down to the shoe selection. If knowing that your little one will be fussing around without her favorite socks or booties, never fear. There are plenty of baby girl dress shoes that are comfortable and fashionable. Look for cute, soft slip-on shoes for small girls, or, if she's a little older, some shiny patent black buckle-up shoes will look adorable. 

How many baby shoes should I buy? 

Buying enough shoes before your baby arrives will save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Buy several pairs of shoes to ensure that you always have what you need, even if your baby pulls a Cinderella on the way home from the store. Make sure you stock up on soft-soled shoes, flexible soled shoes, anti-slip shoes, warm boots, and loads of socks. If you're able to, try to buy a few sizes up, too, as babies have a tendency to grow faster than we expect them to. 

We have a large selection of cheap baby girl shoes in our store that are perfect for every age, occasion and season. So, stock up on some cute baby girl shoes size 1, 2, 3, and more. 

Which baby shoes should I buy for christening? 

Your baby's christening will be her first big event, so you'll want to make a good impression. If you've found a pretty white dress for your daughter to wear, you want her to show up in goofy animal print socks! Good baby girl christening shoes can be hard to find. We have some adorable baby girl white dress shoes in our collections that are perfect for a christening. Whatever you do, make sure that the baptism shoes for your baby girl are comfortable and well-fitted. 

Which baby shoes make good presents? 

baby shoes for girls, in general, make excellent presents. Because they tend to disappear, parents will always appreciate an extra pair. If you want to buy a useful gift, baby girl black shoes are a safe bet - trendy, classic, and easy to match. Alternately, if you were thinking of a more exciting gift, try looking for baby girl silver shoes or light up shoes for baby girl. Special shoes like this are the perfect gift for a little girl who has just learned to walk by herself and is excited to show off her feet to the world. 

Choosing baby shoes can be surprisingly overwhelming. Concentrate on choosing the right kind of shoe in the right size and focus on the cute factor later. Be sure to visit our amazing collection of affordable, low price baby shoes, girl and boy shoes available, to pick up some seriously adorable items for your little one.