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How to Dress Baby Girl for Wedding

Weddings are fun, and you should present dressing up in fashionable attire for someone’s special day. Attending a wedding with your loved ones can bring unforgettable memories. But how to dress baby girl for wedding? 

Aside from being stylish, your little one needs to be comfortable throughout the ceremony. Take a look at our outfit recommendations below, and find the perfect outfit for your daughter!

Dress Baby Girl for Wedding

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How to Dress Baby Girl for Wedding

Generally, weddings require elegant formal wear for both children and adults. This is the time for a dress-up, and finding an adorable outfit for your daughter should be of the utmost importance. Aside from being cute, the baby girl clothes you choose must be comfortable and functional.

In our BitsyBug newborn girls clothing boutique, you can find all kinds of baby clothes for a wedding. They are durable, comfortable, versatile, and available in various colors and sizes. 

Whether you want something fancy or budget-friendly, you will find options for everyone’s taste online. Let’s get into tips on how to dress your little one appropriately for the occasion. 

What to Consider When Choosing Newborn Clothes for a Wedding


When it comes to choosing clothes for babies and toddlers for a wedding, comfort is the number one priority. 

Hence, make sure to buy an outfit that is comfortable for your baby and doesn’t cause discomfort during the wedding ceremony. 

The goal is to make the baby’s experience of wearing stylish wedding clothes as pleasant as possible. 

Quality of the fabric

Another important aspect regarding choosing a baby girl wedding outfit is its quality. This involves checking the quality of the fabric and ensuring it is pleasant.

Our recommendations are soft and natural fabrics. You can opt for cotton, silk, muslin, bamboo, sateen, or broadcloth. 

The outfit material needs to be breathable to make the baby comfortable during the wedding. Avoid harsh fabrics that can cause irritation or clothes with excessive embellishments. 

Functionality and convenience

The baby’s outfit needs to be functional, so avoid complex outfits with too many layers. Considering this, you should opt for a proper outfit that will provide comfort and convenience.

Look for something easy to put on and off, as you will need to change the baby’s diaper. Hence, you can opt for baby outfits with a zipper or elastic waistbands.

You can also bring an extra outfit in case the baby’s outfit gets dirty. Packing a spare outfit for your little one is convenient in case of spills, diaper leaks, and other types of accidents. 


Aside from comfort and functionality, the visual aspect of the outfit is also important when it comes to special occasions. 

Plenty of baby clothes are out there, so look for something trendy and adorable. Choose a color and pattern that will make your girl stand out.

Tips to Dressing Up Baby Girl for a Wedding

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Tips to Dressing Up Baby Girl for a Wedding

Take the weather into consideration

When considering how to dress baby girl for wedding, it is necessary to choose clothing depending on the weather conditions

This means choosing lightweight outfits, such as dresses, to keep the baby cool during the warm period.

In contrast, consider adding a cardigan or a light jacket to keep your little one warm during the colder period. 

Coordinate the colors 

An exciting part when dressing your little one is choosing outfits from various options in different fun colors. To help you out, look for colors that complement the overall aesthetic of the wedding

Choose tones that go well to create a modern and visually appealing look. The trend is matching the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses with the baby girl’s dress. 


Clothes for babies come in a variety of sizes. If you opt for a skirt or baby girl dress for wedding, ensure its length is appropriate for the baby’s age. 

The dress you choose must be comfortable for the baby. Also, consider whether the outfit is suitable for the event's formality. 

What Can a Baby Wear for a Wedding?


A popular option for newborns is an adorable and convenient dress. Wearing a dress can also be comfortable for the baby, especially when the weather is very hot. 

If a cute flowy dress is a choice for your little girl, look for one made of light and airy fabric. This type of outfit also makes it easy for the parents to change diapers.

You can choose a simple classic dress or go all the way and find a cute baby wedding gown decorated with flowers, bows, or sequins. 

Dresses come in various patterns, meaning you can choose a gorgeous floral dress or one with butterfly, cherry, or other types of patterns. Another fun option is an ombre dress in stunning pastel colors. 

Remember that babies are wiggly, and they should be comfortable when moving. Another good baby dress for a wedding option is a tulle dress with a beautiful bodysuit. 

A skirt and a shirt

Another charming option when it comes to baby girl wedding outfit 0-3 months is a skirt and a matching shirt. You will find plenty of skirt options online. 

A good option is tutu skirts which are available in multiple colors and give an elegant touch to an outfit.

They usually come with matching shirts with inscriptions and graphics that match the skirt's colors. This type of look is both classy and casual. 

Overalls, rompers, and jumpsuits

Another cute option is baby rompers and overalls which are excellent for daytime and outdoor wedding settings. 

A cute baby suit in vibrant colors can look adorable on such an occasion. You can decide between a flower, plaid, polka dot, or striped pattern. 

A short-sleeved bodysuit can also be an excellent stylish option. If the weather is cold, you can layer the bodysuit with a cardigan. 

You can find rompers with snap buttons for convenience. During cold weather, you can also find a fun jumpsuit with knickers appropriate for the ceremony. 

However, avoid something very casual such as onesies or sweatpants. Ensure to follow the dress code of the occasion.


To go well with the outfit, you need to find suitable footwear for the baby. Consider getting comfortable soft-sole shoes and avoid hard soles. 

You can opt for sandals and shoes during the warmer months or go for boots during the cold months. Avoid any type of footwear that is too tight. 


It is known that accessories can elevate the look and make us look polished and put together. That said, when it comes to children, choose minimalistic accessories.

You can find small hair ribbons and headbands in multiple colors, patterns, and materials that go well with formal baby outfits. Avoid accessories that are too tight or can cause a choking hazard.

What Can a Baby Wear for a Wedding

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Dressing for someone’s special day is an exciting but sometimes challenging task. If you have been wondering how to dress baby girl for wedding, hopefully, you have found inspiration after reading this post. 

In the end, when choosing an outfit, it is necessary to prioritize the baby’s well-being. Ensure the little one can move freely without any discomfort. Take into consideration the formality of the occasion as well as the weather conditions.

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