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What Does a Baby Boy Wear to a Christening?

Every Christian parent knows Christening day is the first of your baby’s milestones. But what does a baby boy wear to a christening? Planning the perfect christening is already stressful enough. 

Parents may feel overwhelmed even about choosing the right outfit for their little ones. Moreso, the beginning of the spiritual journey of your baby boy is the perfect day for a dress-up. From traditional christening gowns to christening rompers, there are many options for baby christening outfits. 

So, if you feel overwhelmed by the many options, worry not. I am here to help you with suggestions to ease your stress. 

Baby Boy on Christening

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What Does a Baby Boy Wear to a Christening

Traditionally baby boys wore christening gowns during the christening ceremony. But the dress code has shifted over the past thirty or so years. Many parents dress their baby boys in christening outfits instead of gowns. 

Still, it depends on personal preference. Some still choose a christening gown. But for the modern parent, our newborn boys clothing boutique has plenty of beautiful outfits to make the big day extra special.

Christening Clothes for a Baby Boy: Gown vs. Outfit

Wondering how to dress your baby boy for the christening can be challenging if you do not have any ideas. For most parents, the choice comes down to whether to follow tradition and dress their baby in a christening gown or buy a special outfit. 

A baby christening outfit, whether a gown, suit, romper, etc., needs to be white. White is a symbol of purity and innocence in Christianity. 

Pure white gowns honor God and the Holy Spirit and represent the sacred cleansing of the christening. You can also choose a delicate pastel color if you do not want to go with white.

Both a christening gown and an outfit are incredible options. Some parents think that the christening gown will look better during the church ceremony. But the right christening outfit for a baby boy will make your little one shine on his special day.

Baby christening gown 

Christening gowns are long dresses traditionally worn by both baby boys and girls. These long gowns have been the baby dress code for centuries. Traditional christening gowns are 23 to 36 inches (60 to 90 cm) long.

Even though it may seem strange to some to dress baby boys in gowns, if you dress your little one in a christening gown, expect the baby blessing outfit to drape over his tiny feet. It is important to note that boys historically wore dresses until reaching three to five years old.

Christening gowns are white and usually with lace details. Another significant reason behind baby boys wearing christening gowns is if they are family heirlooms

If your husband had a christening gown, you might also want to continue the tradition by dressing your children in it for their christening ceremonies. 

Baby christening outfit

You can buy a christening outfit if you do not want to dress your baby boy in a gown. Today, more parents dress their baby boys in christening outfits that better showcase their masculine traits.

Deciding to dress your baby in a christening outfit gives you more options. You can choose your baby boy’s christening outfit as pants or shorts with a simple top or a dress shirt. If you want to go the extra mile for your little one’s big day, dress him in a cute white suit.

The choice is incredibly varied, so you can dress your baby boy in the outfit that makes him shine on the day of his christening. 

Baby christening outfit

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Christening gown and an outfit 

You can also choose to dress your baby in a christening gown for the ceremony. After the ceremony is over for the after party, put him in a more comfortable outfit. This way, you can honor tradition while keeping up with modern times

What Do You Dress a Baby Boy in For His Christening

While modern times allow parents more freedom and fewer restrictions, it is important to be respectful in church. Everyone takes their faith seriously, and christening is among the biggest milestones in the Christian religion. 

This means that your little one should still be dressed in a baby blessing outfit honoring the meaning of the ceremony. So, avoid animal prints or joke shirts that may cause offense. Instead, dress your baby boy in an outfit that fits the little gentleman.

Preparations for the big day can be incredibly stressful, so here are several christening outfit ideas to help you decide. 


Newborns are most comfortable in onesies, so a white cotton romper is a great choice. Your baby boy will look adorable while still being comfortable. 

You can also choose a white romper made from linen or silk for an added flair. The romper does not have to be all white; baby blue or gold embroidery is a good choice for baby boys.

If you cannot decide between the fabrics, let the weather choose for you. For example, linen and silk are more suitable for the warmer months, while a cotton knit outfit will keep your baby warm during colder months. 

Suit or a tuxedo 

If you wait until the little one is three months for his christening, go for a suit or a tuxedo. A white or beige suit or tuxedo is a great look if you plan to make the ceremony more formal.

Besides being a more formal christening outfit, a suit or a tuxedo will make your baby boy look elegant and intelligent. 

Convertible christening gown 

Choose a convertible gown if you still want to add a traditional touch to your baby’s modern christening outfit. Convertible christening gowns come with elastic waist rompers. The outfit has a detachable gown, which converts the romper into a traditional christening gown. 

Once the christening ceremony ends, you can remove the gown from the romper to be comfortable for the party.

Convertible christening gown

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In conclusion, when considering what a baby boy should wear to a christening, it is important to prioritize comfort, elegance, and adherence to traditional customs. Opting for a white or light-colored suit with a matching hat and booties is a classic choice, symbolizing purity and grace.

Selecting soft and breathable fabrics ensures the baby's comfort throughout the ceremony. By combining these elements, families can celebrate this joyous occasion with their little one dressed in a manner befitting the significance of the christening ceremony.

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