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Pregnancy Announcement - How To Make It Fun & Memorable!

You’ve taken a pregnancy test- then maybe you took two or a dozen more just to confirm the positive results. Your life is about to change completely!  

This may be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times of your life. When is it safe to make the big reveal? How do you tell the people you love the most? And should you opt for a social media announcement? Let’s get to it.

Deciding The Right Time To Announce
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There isn’t a perfect time or etiquette for announcing your pregnancy. You should do whatever feels right to you. Of course, most people tell their partners immediately. In most cases, this is the right move to do. He needs to be prepared for the upcoming changes as well! 

Announcing At The End Of The First Trimester 

Anywhere from 10-25% of pregnancies end with miscarriage, and upwards of 80% of those miscarriages happen within the first trimester. Experts agree that the risk of miscarriage significantly drops by the twelfth and thirteenth week of gestation. For this reason, many expecting parents wait until the end of their first trimester to announce their pregnancies.

Many factors can cause a miscarriage, and most of them are completely outside of the mother’s control. Around 50% of miscarriages occur because of chromosomal abnormalities, where the baby fails to develop appropriately. Other variables include hormonal imbalances, luteal phase defects, and physical health issues within the mother.

Understandably, some women wish to wait until this risk decreases to share the news. Unfortunately, miscarriages, while common, remain relatively taboo to discuss. It can be undoubtedly painful to break this sad news after announcing your pregnancy.

Announcing When Reaching A Designated Milestone

Other women prefer to wait for certain milestones to share the news. These milestones vary, but they may include: 

  • Hearing the heartbeat for the first time
  • Receiving your first ultrasound
  • Starting to show
  • Finding out the baby’s sex
  • Choosing a special date, holiday, or occasion 

Announcing Immediately

Finally, some women choose to announce their pregnancy immediately. They may value the support others can provide from the very beginning. Because the first trimester can be so tumultuous, having others in the loop can be invaluable. 

Likewise, women working in physically hazardous occupations may need to tell their employers right away. If you’re being exposed to chemicals or frequently lifting heavy objects, you’ll require immediate accommodations.  

Announcing In Different Phases

Most women reveal their pregnancies to different people at different times. For example, you may choose to tell your parents and best friend right away. However, you might wait a few months to make a public announcement.

Some women struggle when to tell their employer. There isn’t a set rule for this announcement, but most women announce it just as they’re about to start showing. Some will wait until after completing an important project or performance review. 

Ideally, you should review both your state maternity laws and your company’s maternity policy ahead of time. These guidelines can help you start planning for the future. Tell HR and your boss before breaking the news to colleagues- you don’t want them to find out from someone else. Remember that you are legally protected, and your employer must make reasonable accommodations for your work.

Announcing In Different Phases
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There’s nothing wrong with outright telling people you’re pregnant. You don’t need to prepare in advance. You can share the news at any time! Many people inadvertently choose this approach, as they get so excited that they blurt it out.

That said, many women like taking a creative approach when revealing their exclusive news. They want to build anticipation for themselves and others. Let’s explore some fun ideas.

With Clothing 

Are you breaking the news to your parents? Consider wrapping up matching grandma and grandpa t-shirts or maybe something funny like these. You can also do this for aunts, uncles, cousins, and even best friends. You can also consider gifting them baby rompers revealing their new identities like the ones found on Bitsy Bug Boutique. Or you can go extra fun with this unicorn onesie

With The Ultrasound 

It’s a classic pregnancy announcement, and for a good reason. Ultrasound photos are straightforward- no guesswork involved! Some couples opt for the simple, elegant pose of holding their ultrasound together. If you want to be creative, consider staging a photo with an ultrasound and other various baby items like tiny shoes, clothing, or a pacifier. Don’t forget to throw in the expected date!

With Food

Many people naturally associate food with love. And from customized pizzas to special cookies, there are endless opportunities for a fun reveal with your favorite treats. Are you having strange pregnancy cravings? You may even consider integrating them into the pregnancy announcement

With A Sign Or Letter Board

If you’ve scrolled through pregnancy announcements on Pinterest or Instagram lately, you’ll see this trend everywhere. Signs and letter boards allow you to customize your pregnancy announcement however you want. Make it memorable and tailored to you and your partner. If you both are silly or sarcastic, this is a great opportunity to show off your wit. 

With Your Other Children (Including Fur Babies)

What’s cuter than your baby? Your baby becoming a big brother or big sister! Nothing screams adorable like a pregnancy announcement where a sibling reveals the news with a special t-shirt or toy. If you’re a pet parent, consider dressing them in a customized outfit or having them positioned next to a sign.

With A Traditional Card

Not active on social media? Have older relatives? Looking to stay more traditional with your announcement? There’s no shortage of gorgeous and creative cards to share your news. Best of all? You’ll have a special keepsake to hold onto.

Pregnancy Announcement With A Traditional Card
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Pregnancy is exciting, and there’s a good chance you’re very excited to let the world know you’re about to have a baby. Take some time to think about how you want to do your reveal and enjoy the moment! From this moment forward, things will continue feeling exciting for many months and years to come!
Nicole Arzt, LMFT

Nicole Arzt, LMFT, author

Nicole Artz is a licensed marriage & family therapist with nearly a decade of experience treating issues related to anxiety and mood disorders, parenting and family dynamics, complex trauma, and substance use disorders. A professional content writer, she has authored hundreds of scholarly articles for mental health professionals, treatment facilities, and nonprofit organizations. Nicole is a regular contributor for MamaMend, Today, Medium, Choose Therapy, and Psychology Today.

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