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How to Dress Newborn in Summer

As a new parent, you have every right to worry and feel overwhelmed since raising a child is no joke. How to dress newborn in summer may be one of the issues on your mind. Deciding that may be complicated since, even as adults, we often struggle to find the ideal summer clothes.

However, did you know that even at the youngest ages, boys are more resistant to the cold than girls? So, you need to make sure that your newborn remains cool during the hot season.

To calm your nerves, let’s take a look at some pointers on how to dress your newborn in summer.

How to Dress Newborn in Summer

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How to Dress Newborn in Summer

In hot weather, dress your newborn baby girl in loose, light clothing. Summer clothing should be made of breathable materials. Surely living in the northern parts excludes the previous statement, but for hot climates, it is essential.

When dressing your child, take notice of the environment’s temperature. Be informed whether you will be outside or inside with air conditioning. Knowing this will make choosing the right outfit for your baby much easier. For example, keep in mind the following:

  • Lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo.
  • Natural fibers are best for regulating body temperature.
  • Choose natural dyes that are free of harmful chemicals.

You will undoubtedly find yourself in various situations, each requiring different clothes. However, there are different types of newborn baby girl clothes you can choose to clothe your child for various weather occasions.

Dressing for an indoor stay

The simplest way to keep babies cool is to dress them in fewer layers. Choose short-sleeve onesies, shorts, and a t-shirt, or put your baby in a diaper if it’s too hot. 

However, don’t let the temperatures rise too high. Ensure that doesn’t happen by keeping the air conditioning on but not allowing the child to stand directly in front of it.

Yet, it’s unhealthy even for adults to constantly be in an air-conditioned room. If you wish to use an AC, have the room pre-cooled and turn it off when your baby is in it. 

Having that in mind, you can always use a fan. Set it in the corner of the room and let it cool down the room a little at a time.

Dressing for going outside

When stepping outside for a walk during summer, opt to cover as much as possible of your baby’s skin since they are prone to sunburns. Do this by dressing your girl in light and loose clothing pieces. Contrary to this, there is no need to cover your baby the entire time you are outside. The little ones need some vitamin D as well.

Besides the breathable girl clothes such as dresses you are to choose from, ensure your baby has a sun hat on and try to move in the shade mostly. Moreover, you can purchase clothes made from high UV protection fabrics.

When it comes to sunscreen, it’s not recommended you use it for babies under six months. This is why light clothing and shade will be your best friends.

Dressing babies for going outside in summer

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Dressing for a car ride

Ditch all the layering rules you know when dressing for a car ride. Putting your baby in a bodysuit is the best way to go. If the air conditioning is on, put them in a short-sleeve onesie. 

Put aside your wishes to dress them cute with hats, headbands, and little baby slippers- ditch it all. Make sure you dress your little one as comfortable as possible.

Dressing for the beach

When going to the beach, it’s important to keep babies under six months away from direct sunlight as their skin is far too delicate and can burn easily. 

Yet, many pediatricians suggest using sunscreen at that age is not advisable. Still, some say you can apply it in the morning and once more throughout the day on the skin that isn’t covered. Therefore, shift your focus on putting them in the right clothes.

Putting your little one in light cotton clothes such as a onesie is best to cover their arms and legs. Furthermore, get them a hat covering their face and neck as well as a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes and from the sand.

When it comes to staying in the shade, remember that it can be a few degrees cooler. Babies can’t regulate temperatures like us adults, which means they can get cold out of the sun quickly. 

So, keep a few extra layers on you for such an occasion. To be safe, pack with you an extra long-sleeved T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a pair of leggings or trousers, and socks. 

Dressing for a good night’s sleep

When thinking of sleep-time outfits, opt for light and airy clothing. Outfit suggestions are a short-sleeve cotton onesie, a t-shirt with a wrap or muslin, or a thin blanket layered on top is fine.

Considering that your child is still extremely young, you may be wrapping them up around nighttime. There are sure ‘’rules’’ to follow for a late summer night’s swaddling too. 

Do dress the child in a diaper and wrap them using mesh fabric or covers. Wrap just their arms instead of the whole body, and if it's excessively hot and you don’t have an AC or fan, dampen the fabric or blanket.

Dressing babies for a good night’s sleep during summer

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How to Recognize Warning Signs of Overheating

As a parent or caretaker, you should be attentive to how to dress newborn in summer due to the high chances of the little one overheating. 

If such an instance occurs, the chances of your baby getting sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) rise. Keep a lookout for flushed cheeks, excessive sweating, and quick and weighty breathing, as these are the most common signs of overheating. 

You can perform a simple test if you don’t see any of the signs we just listed. Put your hand on their belly and see whether it is warm to the touch; the tummy shouldn’t be sweat-soaked.

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