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How To Dress Newborn For Winter

As a new parent, you must constantly be worrying and stressing, and rightfully so - it’s no joke raising a newborn. The best thing you can do is get informed on all topics that seem to puzzle your mind, and oftentimes, one of those topics might be how to dress newborn for winter.

Dressing your newborn in the cold months is difficult since, even as adults, we never seem to get the amount of clothing right.

A number of studies suggest that boys are more resilient to cold temperatures than girls, even from the youngest ages. Considering this, finding the right pieces of newborn baby girl clothes might be critical.

So, let’s look at some advice on how to dress newborn for winter to lessen your worries.

How to Dress Newborn for Winter

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How to Dress Newborn for Winter

As you might expect, there isn’t a standard rule for putting an outfit together for your baby girl in the wintertime. We must take into consideration different surroundings and conditions.

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Dressing newborns for outside

No matter the weather, you can’t neglect your child’s needs as well as yours for the fresh air outside. There is a simple rule of thumb parents advised to follow when dressing their child for outside play during the cold months. Check whatever you’re wearing, and wear the same amount of layers to your baby, adding one more.

So if you are wearing a long-sleeve blouse under a hoodie and you have a winter jacket on, consider putting your baby in the same clothing pieces plus an undershirt. Maybe you are wearing tights and sweatpants. In this case, opt to put your baby in leggings as an additional layer between their pants and thick tights.

Even so, don’t forget the cherry on top: a close-fitting hat, snug mittens, and comfy snow boots. This way, you will surely achieve ultimate coziness and warmth, as well as cuteness.

Dressing newborns for outside

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Dressing newborns for outside when there is snow

The snow has fallen, and it's a winter wonderland outside. Don’t stop your newborn baby from experiencing its first snow.

When putting an outfit together for their snow play, remember to focus on keeping your baby dry. Always turn to a snowsuit with padding and attached boots. For dressing under the snowsuit, check what you are wearing and add one more layer to that outfit for the little one.

Don’t forget the snow gloves and a winter hat with wool that would cover their forehead and ears. If the hat has flaps that would cover your baby’s cheeks, even better. Moreover, consider taking off their mittens for a moment - let them experience the texture of snow. Do this right before you plan to go back inside so their hands won’t get too cold.

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Dressing newborns for a car trip during winter

Even though dressing for a car ride might seem easy to figure out, it’s the most complicated. Not many people know this, but you should remove the winter suits and coats when putting your baby in their car seat. The key rule to remember is never to have something thick between your baby and the car seat strap.

The padded coats and suits require you to loosen the seat strap so you can place your baby. During a sudden hit on the brakes or a crash, the seat harness will compress and will end up leaving a huge gap between it and the baby. By doing this, you are putting your baby in even bigger danger than you anticipated.

Being aware of this, the following is what you should do. You can preheat the car so that you can immediately put your baby in their car seat without a coat and without worries. If this option isn’t doable for you, put a bigger coat or blanket on top of your baby after you have strapped them. However, after the car has been all warmed up, put the blanket or coat aside to prevent overheating. 

Here you can choose a hoodie and sweatpants combo for your little one - a great outfit choice for a car ride. 

Dressing newborns for a car trip during winter

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Dressing newborns for sleep during winter

Dressing for sleep indoors is an easy task. If you find yourself wearing one layer, put your baby in two. If you are comfortable in two layers, dress your baby in three layers. Layering is always the way for winter dressing, regardless of age.

The thing to keep an eye out for during sleep is not to overheat your little one. Overheating increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). To prevent this, don’t turn up the temperature of the heater above 71°F. 

Furthermore, zipping your baby into a sleeping bag is far better than a blanket. If you can’t get your hands on one, use a receiving blanket that is snugly placed under the baby's armpits.

Recognize Warning Signs

During the first winter months of your girl’s life, you should be careful when choosing the right newborn baby girl clothes. If you don't know how to dress newborn for winter using the layering method, your baby can freeze or overheat. Let’s look at some warning signs to keep an open eye for:


The first sign your baby will give off that it’s too cold is shivering. If you seem not to notice it, take a look at their limbs. If their hands, feet, and face have started changing color and are turning red, it's a big telltale sign. Also, do touch them, if their limbs have turned pale and hard, rush inside with the speed of light.

The tricky thing is warming them up. Never rub them as we do with our hands when we are cold. This can severely damage your baby’s skin. Instead, warm up a soft washcloth and put on their limbs.

Freezing As A Warning SIgn

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Not having the proper knowledge on how to dress newborn for winter may lead to them overheating. So, you need to be as careful not to overdress the baby as you are careful not to underdress them. Signs that your baby is too warm are flushed cheeks, excessive sweat, and hair dampness. Heavy and fast breathing is also a sign to look out for.

Overheating during winter is especially risky in comparison to warmer weather. It’s worse because when the baby’s body temperature decreases, the sinuses get extremely sensitive. This will lead to colds and the flu. Moreover, overheating by itself increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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