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How To Dress Newborn For Sleep

Taking care of a newborn can be a stressful process. Even dressing a baby is not that simple because you have to pay close attention and do it gently. The head and extremities of a newborn are very fragile and can easily get hurt if a parent makes even a slight mistake.

To ensure you take proper care of your baby, you need to learn how to dress newborn for sleep. There are many factors to consider apart from simply buying them cute outfits and taking pictures in a colorful onesie while sleeping.

Also, babies tend to roll over frequently during their sleep if they feel cramped in their clothing. You may not be aware that this is the reason why they are upset. This is one of the reasons you should keep reading and find the proper way to dress a newborn for sleep.

How To Dress Newborn For Sleep

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How to Dress Newborn for Sleep

Getting your newborn dressed for sleep may require following a couple of steps. All babies cannot respond to some feelings in the same way. However, being aware of the general rules of how to dress newborn for sleep are very helpful for parents.

Trendy baby baby boutique clothes are available all over the market. You can dress your baby boy in the most adorable Disney-themed outfits. Newborn baby girl clothes can also have flowers, polka dots, hearts, and other similar prints. The designs of baby clothes nowadays are very versatile.

What’s more important than the patterns of baby clothes is how they feel on their bodies. Some materials can be scratchy and uncomfortable, which can cause a disturbance to the baby’s sleeping cycle. Low-quality newborn clothing can lead to the appearance of rashes on their skin.

If you are the primary caretaker of a newborn baby, try not to overthink whether the amount of clothing you have purchased for your little one is enough. Instead, attempt to focus on properly dressing your baby and avoid making the same mistake as some other parents have done.

Some people tend to overdress their babies and put too many layers of clothing on their bodies. Not only will this way of dressing a baby cause an intolerable feeling for infants, but it can also lead to overheating, the presence of skin inflammations, and constant crying.

To avoid dealing with such problems, take a look at the following advice below.

A Simple Guide


During the colder months of the year, it’s better to dress your baby in layers of well-fitted clothes instead of thick sleepwear. The layers of clothing have to be breathable and easy to take off.

Babies may need to be dressed in layers even during warmer months. However, try to avoid layering during summer as much as possible so that your baby is comfortable while they sleep.

Layering To Dress Newborn For Sleep

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Modern baby clothing is often more focused on appearance rather than practicality. However, that doesn’t mean that cute newborn clothes cannot be functional.

Always opt for pieces of baby clothing that have snaps or buttons. In this way, everything will stay secure and in place while they are sleeping, and you will change them easily in the morning.

Comfortable materials

Whether you are putting your baby in a sleeping bag, wrapping them, or dressing them in swaddle suits, focus on comfort. Ensure that the clothing items are made out of natural materials that are safe for the baby’s skin and won’t cause irritations.


The cutest thing ever is seeing a newborn baby dressed in a knitted onesie for sleep. These types of clothing pieces should be used during fall and winter to provide both comfort and warmth to the baby’s body.


100% natural cotton materials and high-quality cotton blends are also safe for babies. They tend to be gentle on the skin and highly breathable. 

From onesies to rompers and baby pajamas, many different types of baby clothing for sleeping are made out of cotton fibers.

Things to Consider Before Dressing a Newborn for Sleep

Now that you know the best tips on how to dress newborn for sleep, you also need to consider some additional aspects of importance. Before you decide what types of clothing to purchase for your newborn baby, keep in mind the pieces of advice below.

Before diving into the words of enlightenment, remember that they are not the most significant factors to stress about. As long as you are aware that you are doing everything in your power to keep your baby safe and comfortable, they will have a restful sleep.

Room temperature

Before dressing your baby, make sure you are aware of the room temperature where they will sleep. According to the room temperature, you can then decide how many layers of clothing you will put on them. Make sure the room is not too warm or overly cold.

You can simply use a heater or a fan to adjust the temperature in the baby’s room. However, do this while the newborn is not present in the room. Never allow your baby to be close to such devices, including air conditioners, radiators, or ovens.

Room Temperature to Consider Before Dressing a Newborn for Sleep

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Avoid hats

Maybe you think that just because a baby’s head is soft and delicate, they need more protection and warmth in this area. This may be the case if you are planning on bringing your newborn outside in their stroller. However, during sleeping, babies don’t need to wear hats.

Naturally, heat is released from babies’ heads, so they manage to cool down their body temperature. By wearing hats, newborns can easily get excessively hot. The worst part is that if the hat falls from a baby’s head, it may lead to choking and suffocation. 

Consider swaddle suits

Baby swaddling is a common technique that many parents use to keep their babies safe and avoid falling from their crib while they are sleeping. In a swaddle suit, babies cannot have their extremities free, which also prevents them from rolling over.

This type of baby clothing has become more popular in the last few decades because now swaddle suits come in various designs. Be that as it may, these suits are most suitable for newborns during their early stages of development. Later on, they demand more freedom.

Put the blankets away

Newborn babies don’t need blankets for sleeping. With enough clothing layers, the baby will be kept warm and cozy. Also, keeping blankets very close to your baby may cause sudden infant death while sleeping. This also applies to stuffed animals and pillows in the crib.

Shop online

Most parents purchase baby clothes before their little one is born. However, if you are one of those people that are busy with work and family obligations, you may not have enough time to visit baby stores. For that reason, we recommend shopping on online baby clothing websites.

Does the idea of taking care of your baby while at the same time browsing through online boutiques sound appealing to you? Luckily, this website is full of fluffy and bright-colored clothing items for newborns that you can purchase today.

Shop Online To Dress Newborn For Sleep

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Final Words

The most important thing to remember when deciding how to dress newborn for sleep is your baby’s safety and well-being. To ensure your baby sleeps peacefully in their crib every night, choose comfortable pieces of clothing and remove any unnecessary head coverings.

Your baby’s peaceful sleep will be guaranteed if there are no loose-fitting items in the cradle. By following these instructions, parenting can become much easier and less stressful.

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