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Vintage Baby Clothes

Vintage baby clothes bring back that nostalgic feeling we all love from time to time. Dress your mini me up in your favorite vintage style baby clothes. Being unique is fun and Bitsy Bug's vintage baby clothes are the perfect solution to finding something different this year. Also see our Baby Clothes collection.

Vintage Inspired Baby Clothes

Vintage baby clothes are no longer a thing of the past. These oldies but goodies are making a comeback in a big way. 

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What are Vintage Baby Clothes?

Vintage baby boy clothes and girl clothes are unique items that are inspired by the past. Designed with delicate features and boasting an heirloom quality, they are clothes that are able to be passed down from one generation to another. The finest attention to detail is paid to each item and the vintage baby clothes don’t look like other items on shelves today. Vintage clothing (handmade or not) is how you keep your baby stylish! Special stitching and design techniques are used to take extra precaution to secure snaps and buttons, as well as zippers; and bind seams.  They are completely one of a kind and have muted tones and classic and basic prints. It is also a common practice to embroider a monogram somewhere on the baby’s outfit, be it on the front, sleeve, or hem of a piece. 

What Are They Made From?

Both vintage baby girl clothes and boy clothes are made out of linen, cotton, or cotton blends. It is also not unusual to see vintage baby clothes composed of rayon or seersucker material either. Embellishments such as lace are used throughout the pieces and pretty thread for embroidery purposes. Pin tucks often can be found on vintage baby boy clothes and smocking on both genders’ items as well.

Why Are They Useful?

Vintage baby clothes are useful because they allow parents to put their children in something timeless, classy, and beautiful. Because so much attention to detail is paid when creating each item, these types of clothes are built to last. This means they won’t fall apart after a few washes and wears!  Vintage inspired baby clothes are also easy to layer and pair with other basic knits and neutrals, so it allows parents to maximize their baby’s wardrobe across the seaons, saving them time and money. 

Where Can You Wear Them?

Your little guy or girl can wear vintage baby clothes to formal venues or semi-formal gatherings. Moms love dressing their babies in vintage inspired clothing for photo shoots, mini sessions, for birthday parties, at holiday gatherings, and other kinds of celebrations. 

How Can You Style Some?

Vintage inspired baby clothing can be styled in many ways. For your little boy, you may wish to put him in a solid toned romper with a short sleeved pan collared top and full length white socks. Loafers or saddle shoes offset the vintage outfit perfectly!

Little girls look lovely when flutter sleeved smock dresses that have a thin layer of lace lining throughout. Dressy socks paired with shiny Mary Janes complete this look. 

You can even consider putting them in vintage inspired accessories like caps, shawls, bowties and suspenders!

Vintage fashion baby clothes are a modern necessity! Many parents embrace these items and care for them carefully so that they can be packed away and pulled out again for future generations since their design characteristics never go out of style!