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Baby Clothes

High-Quality cute baby clothes

Being a new mom can be overwhelming. You don’t just have to worry about shopping for baby essentials like a carseat and stroller, you also have to get diapers, wipes, and formula. Another important area of items to shop for include baby clothes. You probably have no idea about sizes, fabrics, style, and even care for articles of baby clothing. No need to worry! Here are all your baby clothes frequently asked questions answered now! Do you have a toddler? See our Toddler Clothes page as well!

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What are some sizes of baby clothes?

Baby clothes come in a wide range of sizes. They range from newborn baby clothes, to 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months. They then branch into 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. After 24 months, your baby is ready to transition to toddler clothing, which consists of a different set of sizes.

If you are unsure of the size of baby clothes that you need, always consult a height and weight chart that comes on the tag of the article of clothing you are interested in.

How do you select a durable article of baby clothing?

Cute newborn baby clothes can also be durable. You want to stay away from clothing that has embellishments like pom poms, fur, or sequins. These details may be cute but they don’t wash and wear well. If you do opt for these decorations, consider getting the articles of clothing dry cleaned. 

When choosing the best baby clothes, you want to look for double stitching and reinforced snaps. This discourages tearing and fraying and helps it withstand multiple washes and dries in the dyer. It also holds up to everyday wear and tear. 

What are some high quality materials to look for?

The best baby clothes are those that can last throughout your baby’s entire growth stage and then be passed on to another sibling or relative. High quality materials can make this happen. You can shop materials that are organic and made from muslin cotton, or a cotton blend which is not only ultra comfortable but strong. Silk is also a special occasion fabric that will make your baby look formal and keep them cool, but silk can be difficult to clean. 

What about trendy baby clothes?

If you want trendy baby clothes, it is easy to put together an outfit. You can stay up to date and in trend by scanning through baby websites, circulars, and browsing baby shops to gain an understanding of the types of clothes that are featured. Pay attention to their colors, cuts, silhouettes, fabric, prints, and patterns in order to help you piece together trendy baby clothes looks. 

Currently, the 2020 baby trends include:

  • Black and white buffalo plaid
  • Unicorn prints
  • Embroidered dresses or collared tops
  • Princess gowns
  • Jogger pants
  • Uni-sex leggings
  • Suspenders with pants
  • Graphic prints
  • Character themed clothing

Some of the most popular colors for baby clothes in 2020 are:

  • Black and white
  • Gold
  • Bubble gum pink
  • Cream
  • Navy
  • Cobalt Blue

When piecing together trendy baby clothes, consider the season, time, and place. Dressing your little one in layers is always a great idea because not only do all the pieces look cohesive, but layers are practical. When dressing your little one, regardless of what the fashion trends are, practicality rules over everything else. 

What kind of baby clothes should I shop for?

Initially, you will need a lot of onesies. Onesies are the best layering piece and they allow for easy diaper changes. Simply undo the snap and you have the best baby clothes for your newborn! Eventually, you will want to add stretchy leggings and a knit top for cooler weather. Because you won’t be out and about much after the baby is first born, you don’t need a lot of outfits. Pajama sets will help keep your baby cozy and comfortable when at home. 

You will want to invest in some trendy baby clothes in order for your little one to look cute at their first photo session, birthday, and holiday events. A cute going home outfit will also be something you’ll want to invest in when your baby makes their debut to the world. 

You can’t go wrong with sleeveless dresses for the summer time and a couple pairs of stretchy joggers to protect their little knees and legs once they begin to walk. Rompers are also cute because they are very versatile. Wear them as is or layer them with long sleeves and leggings. Printed and patterned diaper covers are also perfect to wear in the summer because it keeps them cool and looks utterly adorable. 

Don’t forget socks as well, as your baby needs something to line their feet when wearing their crib shoes or booties. Once they begin crawling and toddling around, socks with a non-slip grip are ideal to prevent injury and upset. 

What about baby clothing accessories?

While baby clothes are the essential items your new baby will need, they will also need some accessories. Crib shoes are a great investment because they protect your baby’s feet when you are out and about. They also help make an outfit look more pulled together. Parents make the mistake of letting their babies go barefoot in the summertime, and they end up with burnt feet!

Baby headbands and baby bows also add to your baby clothes and they keep a wild head of hair at bay. Hats are important if you are visiting the beach or if you plan on being outdoors a lot with your little one. 

Baby sunglasses aren’t necessary, but they do look cute! Many parents also opt to purchase tulle tutus to add instant style and sass to onesies, so consider picking up a few as well. Keep an eye on our website because we always update with new arrivals for baby boys' and baby girls' products! Do your shopping online and purchase at one of the best styles of baby clothes boutique!

In conclusion, baby clothing is easy to shop for and choose once you know which size you need and you understand the materials that you need to choose. Use this frequently asked question sheet in order to help you make the best decisions and pick out the perfect baby clothes for your little one.