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Toddler Clothes

High-Quality Cute Toddler Clothes

Once you think you have mastered shopping for baby clothes, think again! Babies grow so fast. In the blink of an eye they will become a toddler. This means goodbye baby clothes, hello toddler clothes! There is a new set of standards when shopping for toddler clothing. Read on to find out. 

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What Are Some Sizes Of Toddler Clothes?

Your little one is ready for toddler clothes once they are in baby clothes size 24 months. This is also synonymous with 2T, or the first toddler size. You can make sure you choose the right size by paying close attention to the height and weight suggestions on each clothing or brand label. After 2T comes 3T, then 4T, 5T, and finally 6T. You can sometimes find a 7T but by that point, your little cutie will be in regular kids’ size small.

You will notice that your child will stay in these sizes much longer than they would in baby sizes, however they still grow like weeds at this point in their life. Expect their curent size to last approximately one season before moving onto another new size. Eventually, this slows down once your child hits the 6 or 7T mark!

How You Can Buy Durable Toddler Clothing?

Your toddler is way past the baby stage. They are not just toddling and crawling, they are full-fledged walking and running their day away. Their clothes need to be extra strong! Look for double stitching and fabric that has some stretch to them. Double lining is also important for warmth and to sustain falls, rolls, slides, and twirls! 

What Are Some High Quality materials To Shop For?

Cotton blends are a must for toddler clothes! Not only are they breathable and comfortable, they wash well, wear well, and will last during play time and school time. 

Organic fabrics are safe and are eco-friendly at the same time. Toddler clothing that have spandex blends move with your little one and provide plenty of stretch-this is essential to help them with the potty training process and to promote independent care by getting clothes off and on, on their own. 

Linen is also a nice, light fabric for spring and summer seasons.

How Can I Put Together A Cute Toddler Clothing Set?

There are so many cute toddler outfits that you can put together. The key to putting together a winning look is to consider the time, place, season, and occasion. By now you are probably a pro at piecing together baby clothes. You can do the same for toddler clothes. 

Layering is essential at this age to keep them cool and comfortable. 

If you want to dress a little girl for a casual play day, consider slipping on a pair of printed leggings and a stretchy tunic top. Add some soft, canvas sneakers that she can slide on to her ensemble and an adorable headband to keep the hair out of her eyes.

How Can I Find Sporty Styles?

Your little boy will love wearing a soft jogger style pant and a stretchy t-shirt. He too should wear shoes that can be put on  with ease, and provides plenty of support for play.

How To Wear Casual Styles?

For a formal event, your darling daughter will look precious in a princess style dress, complete with a tulle skirted bottom. Look for something sequin lined for extra shine and style. Slip on a pair of patent Mary Jane style shoes and opaque tights. Don’t forget to put a lace bow in her hair for additional sass. 

For a formal event, your sweet son will look perfect in a three piece suit. Opt for a button down shirt and a clip on bowtie or tie, in addition to a belt to keep his slacks in place. Pick up some dress socks and dress shoes to complete his look, and a cute driving style hat will accessorize his look perfectly. 

What Are The Top Trends This Year?

You can also take into consideration some of the top 2020 fashion trends for toddler boy and girl clothes.

Currently, the 2020 toddler baby trends include: 

  • Uni-sex styles
  • Neutral tones
  • Simple shapes and silhouettes
  • Organic prints and patterns
  • Blazers and kimonos
  • Rompers
  • Joggers
  • Leggings
  • Princess style dresses
  • Unicorn prints
  • Plaid prints

Some of the most popular colors for toddler baby clothes in 2020 are:

  • Beige and cream
  • Fuschia
  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Black and white
  • Lime green
  • Denim blue

What Styles Of Toddler Clothes Should I Shop For?

Cheap toddler clothes are the way to go. Shopping for inexpensive items is important since your baby will outgrow them quickly. You can find plenty of toddler clothes sales in stores and online from some of your favorite baby clothing retailers. 

It is important that you have pieces for each occasion-from play dates, to school outfits, weekend wear, special event gear, and even bedtime essentials.

Don’t be afraid to invest in certain pieces, such as sneakers, jeans, and sweaters that provide plenty of warmth and durability. You can also invest in special outfits for photo shoots and other milestone events in your toddler’s life like a birthday, holiday, or wedding.

Should I Spend Money On Toddler Clothing Accessories?

Unlike baby accessories, toddler accessories are important. Your movers and shakers need a supportive pair of shoes, plenty of socks and underwear, and also a lot of undershirts. Undershirts are cheap toddler clothes and can be worn as is or as a layering item to keep kids looking polished and pulled together, but also feeling comfortable. 

Best Clothing Style For Outdoors?

Sunglasses and hats are a must for outdoor lay, and little bow ties and headbands are fun accessories that showcase your little one’s spunky personality at home and at play. 

Bags, Purses, and Backpacks

Some parents even splurge on a wristlet or mini purse for their daughters to wear and use out and about. 

What Are The Fun and Functional Toddler Clothing?

In conclusion toddler clothes should be fun and functional. You need a wide range of items that not only complement your child’s lifestyle and day, but that are long lasting and high quality. Consider some of the trends, colors, and styles, as well as accessories; that will not only showcase their unique personalities but be functional essential items that they can remain in throughout their toddler stage.

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