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Sippy Cup with Straw

Once your little one masters the basics of holding a sippy cup, it is time to start them on a sippy cup with straw. This awesome cup helps build mouth muscles and prepares them for a new way to enjoy their juice, water, and milk. Read on to learn a little bit more about these cups. 

What is a Sippy Cup With Straw?

Sippy cups with straws are cups that contain any liquid you pour in it for your baby that has a helpful straw attached. These cups have a unique suction design, so that they never spill and make learning how to drink from a big kid cup a breeze. 

Why Parents Love Them

A no leak sippy cup with straw is useful because it doesn’t create a mess or more work for parents while your baby is learning how to let go of their bottle and embrace a kid cup. The straw component is helpful for babies who are having difficulty with accepting a sippy cup that has a spout. 

Oftentimes, spouts are too hard or rigid for babies, and they prefer a soft and flexible straw. Because the straw itself has a special suction feature, liquid won’t fall through it either!

Super Portable 

A sippy cup with a straw is also useful because it’s ultra-portable. Babies can tote their special cups anywhere-from the car, to airplanes, and even to parks.  

Sippy cups with straws are also useful because it could help promote speech in babies who are a bit delayed. Because they really need to work to make the liquid come out they learn how to control certain muscles in and around the mouth!

Material Makeup

A sippy cup with straw can be made from many materials. Most parents pick up a plastic cup with a twist on top. This material is most affordable and it can be safe and non-toxic. Its straw can be hard or soft and flexible! Plastic cups are lightweight and are simple to clean. 

Another kind of sippy cup with straw you may consider are silicone cups. These cups have a non-slip grip and are also easy to clean and sanitize. Often designed with a stretchy straw, the cup is lightweight yet durable. 

Easy to Use Designs

Baby sippy cups with straws are designed to delight little ones! Created in bright colors and splashed with cheerful prints and characters, the cups turn into mealtime accessories!

A sippy cup with straw is perfect for your baby when they are ready to drink from something other than a bottle but when they aren’t exactly ready for the real thing just yet.