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Sippy Cup

A sippy cup will become your baby’s go to drinking device once they have graduated from the bottle. Ideal to learn how to drink from in stages, the sippy cup is quite a valuable training tool for your baby and toddler. If you are in need of a sippy cup, check out our collection below. 

What is a Sippy Cup?

Sippy cups are training cups. They are designed to mimic a bottle but have a more streamlined design that takes on the body, shape, and size of a traditional cup. A sippy cup can come in many forms. Some cups are transition cups where handles are slowly removed. Others have different spouts-some are soft spouts that have nipples. Some are hard spouts to avoid checking and gnawing. Some spouts have straws built in to encourage sucking. Straws can be hard or soft. There is a ton of variety when it comes to choosing the right cup for your baby and your budget. 

View our durable sippy cups below:

Why is it Useful?

Sippy cups are useful because they help to wean your baby off of their bottle. By about a year of age, babies don’t really need to drink milk from a bottle and can start to drink water and juice. This is a great time to put them on a sippy cup that has a spout or straw. 

However, many parents notice that their baby starts to show an extreme interest in everything that they are eating or drinking at around six months or so, when they start to eat solids. Parents put their bottle milk in a sippy cup instead. Because sippy cups don’t spill easily, this is a great way to promote independence and start the process of self-led feeding, which is a hot trend among modern parents. 

Where To Find Wide Mouth Angle Sippy Cups?

Regardless of what you choose to do, sippy cups are useful because they have wide angle handles that help focus on grip and refine their hand eye coordination, slowing bringing it toward their mouth. These handles can be removed eventually!

Many parents find that it can be difficult at first to get their baby to take their first sip from the cup. They often give their baby the empty cup first so they can gain a sense of where to hold it and how it feels!

After your baby has mastered the hold, slowly fill it with liquids. By about a year of age, the cup’s handles are ready to be removed! Your little one will be able to hold their own cup and sip from its spout or straw. 

How Can I Ease Into It?

To get your baby started, many moms put a few drops of milk on the spout of the cup to encourage them to taste and suck it. 

You also want to consider the spout transition. If you start your baby on a sippy cup as young as six months old, they won’t be ready to move to a hard spout for several months. In fact, the spouts cause parents the most grief because some babies prefer one over the other. The only way to determine what works best for them is trial and error!

What is it Made From?

A sippee cup can be made from many materials. 

One popular material is stainless steel. Parents like a stainless steel cup because it is strong and durable, withstanding multiple falls, bangs, and bumps. It washes well and can even insulate drinks! It is easy to pair with a variety of spouts too.

Another popular material used in the design of a sippee cup is plastic. Affordable and also strong, plastic cups that are BPA-free, and chemical free are the way to go for many parents because of its value and cost. 

Why Makes Silicone Most Popular?

You can also find a sippee cup designed in silicone. Smooth and soft, silicone encourages a great grip without the use of handles. 

Some parents prefer to use a sippy cup that is designed from tempered glass. While a bit more supervision is required while using one of these cups, parents love how warm or cold their child's drink stays. A tempered glass sippy cup is more designed for toddlers who have mastered the grip and sip, and won’t be excited at the thought of throwing their cup around. 

The Best Vacuum Seal Options?

The sippy cup is also made from materials that encourage a vacuum seal and spill proof construction. This special technology is patented because it works so well!

Sippy cups can also be featured in a wide range of colors, prints, patterns, and can even feature your baby’s favorite characters on them.

Where Can it Be Used?

The sippy cup can be used anywhere because it is extremely portable. Most parents use it at a highchair initially. Once their baby has mastered drinking out of it, then allow their little one to take it everywhere with them. From the car, to the stroller, and even outdoors!

The sippy cup is easy to pack in a diaper bag and can clip onto surfaces with the use of a ring attachment, to keep the cup off of the floor.

Sippy cups are used in daycares and preschools, and can be used for a long time in your home to avoid spills and messes. 

If you have a baby at home, then you are going to need a sippy cup. Once they are able to grasp a bottle on their own and show a control over their motions and movements, they will be ready to put down their bottle and pick up one of these cups that will serve as a transition tool that will help them get ready to become a big kid and drink from the real thing!