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Baby Outfits

High-Quality Cute Baby Outfits

A new baby can raise many questions among a first time mom. Besides how often a baby eats, sleeps, plays, and when they meet their milestones, new moms also want to know about the types of baby outfits they need to buy to get through the first year of their life. From the money they are first born up until their first birthday, here is a complete list of the types of cute baby outfits they will need.

Our Baby outfits are your essential go-to for any season and any event.

Also see our baby clothes collection. We have collections for your baby girl or your baby boy!

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Welcome Home Baby Outfit

A welcome home baby outfit is a must. It is basically your baby’s first debut to the world. But whether you choose to put them in something fancy or something more casual, be sure to celebrate their birth in style! Some babies wear a solid color outfit, while others wear playful prints or patterns. Some have monograms embroidered onto them, while others reflect the most recent design trends and styles. You decide how your baby meets and greets the world!

Special Occasion Outfit

All babies need at least one special occasion outfit at some point the first year. Whether it's a suit for boys or a princess dress or tutu for little girls, special occasion items make for super cute baby clothes. Your little one will always need something to wear for pictures, church, a birthday party, or formal get together with friends or family. Search for something that is comfortable yet stylish so they end up staying in this outfit for a long period of time.

Holiday Outfits

It is nice to have holiday baby outfits so they can dress for the occasion! Sure to make for some of the best memory makers, a holiday outfit can be full of tulle, lace, sequins, or fur. For your little guy, don’t forget to pick up essential accessories that off set his holiday outfit perfectly, like a bow tie, fedora, and cute pair of sunglasses to complement his suit or dress pants outfit. Corduroy pants, khaki slacks, mini sweater vests, and button down shirts built into a onesie allow for an effortless holiday look.

Snow Play Suit

Your little one will develop a love for the snow if you take them out in the snow. You can purchase a snow play suit in the size that they will be in during winter months. There are a number of high quality, down suits that are waterproof, safe, and securely stitched to keep them warm as they enjoy their first sled ride or while building their first snowman with you. When in doubt, size up and select something that also has a liner at the legline so that snow doesn’t sneak in!

Play Clothes

Play clothes will come in handy when your baby turns into a crawler. T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and other casual but cute baby outfits like leggings, suit suits, and yoga pants will allow for plenty of movement and growth. Whether they are enjoying tummy time or crawling after a toy, play clothes are meant to be used hard and built tough! Also, keep in mind that play clothes don’t have to be junk clothes. You can find many cute designs that are trendy, fun, and fashionable for your little mover and shaker. 


Rompers can be worn by both sexes, but are more popular with girls. Rompers are lightweight, trendy, cute, and can be decorated with a variety of prints, patterns, and embellishments like pom poms and fringe. Most rompers are sleeveless and have a short length hemline, but others are designed with full length features. They can be worn in warm weather, and also on cooler days if you layer them with a long sleeved onesie and/or leggings.


Jogger pants make for popular baby clothes. Because they have a forgiving hemline and tons of stretch, and a drawstring waist, these gender neutral pants make any look sportier and they are more durable than leggings because of their thickness and stitching.

Pull on Jeans

Pull-on stretchy jeans are also a must for either a boy or a girl. They can be worn with virtually any kind of top and are always appropriate for most occasions and venues. Jeans are perfect items to put on your little one when they start trying to toddle. Their thickness helps to protect knees and even bottoms from falls and tumbles.


The ideal layering item, you can never have too many. Expect your baby to go through at least 2 a day when they are first born because spit up and other accidents happen. Plus, they come in an assortment of colors so you can pick up more than a basic white style. Your baby will literally wear a onesie everyday at some point, so don’t be afraid to stock up.

Denim Jacket

They make denim jackets in the smallest of sizes. Sure to last through many seasons, these jackets are lightweight and can be worn as an extra layer of style and warmth. 

Winter Coat

Your baby will need a durable and warm, quilted winter coat during cold, snowy months. Sold in many different sizes, you can bundle your baby up and rest assured they are protected from the harsh elements, especially if they are outdoors for snow play, or if you’re taking a brisk walk in a stroller on a chilly winter day. 

While it may seem like a lot, if you choose just a few pieces from each category that are durable, well-made, and composed of high quality (and safe materials) you will be easily able to have each item last well through your baby’s size stage and even beyond. When in doubt, stick with cotton blends and organic muslin cotton, which is breathable, strong and eco-friendly.  This is everything you need in regard to baby outfits for the entire first year. Bitsy Bug Boutique is one of the best online stores for baby clothing and baby outfits in the United States! Select your baby products from our website and purchase them without the need of visiting a store!