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Baby Onesies

High-Quality Cute Onesies for Baby

Are you in need of baby onesies? Maybe you are expecting a new baby. Maybe you have a friend or family member who is going to have a little bundle of joy soon. Regardless of the situation, onesies are pertinent pieces that all moms need to own. If you are buying one for yourself or putting some together in a basket for a shower gift, read on to learn a little more about onesies. 

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What are Baby Onesies?

Baby onesies are just what their name states-a one piece outfit for your baby. They are short sleeved or long sleeved and they have snap at their bottom around the crotch. Onesies can be plain and white, colored, or printed. They come in all kinds of sizes, from newborn all the way up to 24 months! 

Onesies are basically undershirts. They form a layer and barrier for babies so that their clothes fit better, feel more comfortable, and that chafing doesn’t occur. Onesies keep your baby covered and also provide a layer of warmth. 

Versatile Clothing

Baby onesies are useful because they make your baby feel safe and secure. Once a baby is first born, many moms bring onesies into their hospital bags so they can put it on their baby so they have a barrier between the baby and its hospital swaddle, which it will often be in. 

Baby onesies are useful because they allow for quick and easy diaper changes. Simply unsnap the bottom and the baby is ready to be changed. 

Durable Materials 

Baby onesies are designed most often in 100% cotton. This fabric is thick, yet lightweight and breathable. It is comfortable and soft, so it won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Cotton washes and wears well, is strong, and doesn’t typically rip or fray. Cotton also has a little bit of stretch to it. 

Some other onesie baby can be made from Muslin cotton, a different variation of cotton. It too is lightweight and breathable, and it gets softer with every wash. 

You can also find cute baby onesies designed in a cotton blend, which can be mixed with rayon or polyester, giving it ultimate stretch and making it a wonderful layering item. 

As mentioned before, onesies can be organic, colored using natural dyes. They can be all kinds of colors, prints, and patterns. However, onesies are most popularly picked up in a plain, white color so they are versatile enough to wear with anything. 


A onesie is appropriate to be worn anywhere! In fact, a onesie is one of the first things your baby will wear. It is no fuss, effortless, and versatile. 

Moms put their baby in onesies during playtime, feeding time, and after a bath. Because they layer well, your baby can wear a onesie underneath a dress, sweater, long sleeved knit, or even with a skirt and t-shirt!

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Baby onesies can be styled in many ways. If you want to create a casual outfit, you may consider picking up onesies that have a graphic print or saying on it, creating two shirts for one! You can slide on a pair of joggers or leggings and socks and shoes when out for a walk. Not only does this casual outfit work for both genders, but it helps you dress them quickly, with ease, and it keeps your baby comfortable. 

For more formal events, your baby can wear a onesie under a ballerina or princess style dress and your little guy can wear one under his miniature and adorable three piece suit. 

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