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Baby Fork

A baby fork is an essential piece of baby cutlery that helps them eat. Read on to learn a little bit more about these important eating items. Our baby fork collection is comprised of durable, long lasting material so that you get use out of them for years to come. Also see our Baby Utensils and Toddler Fork products. 

View our best baby forks below:

What is a Baby Fork and Why is it Useful?

A baby fork is a tool that babies use to eat solids with. Once they learn to go beyond basic purees, your baby will need a fork to pick up items such as meat, veggies, and even some pieces of fruit! It is also sold in a set with a baby spoon.

A baby fork and spoon set is useful because it helps your little one focus on their fine motor skills and learn to self-feed. 

A baby fork does have prongs, like an adult fork. However, the fork’s prongs are not as sharp and they are safer for a baby to use and navigate. 

What is it Made From?

A baby fork and spoon are usually made from silicone. This is a great material because it is soft and flexible, never hurting your baby’s gums or budding teeth. It allows for a great, non slip grip as well. 

Baby forks can also be made from stainless steel. These items are strong, easy to wash, and are usually designed with an extra long handle for control over the utensil. 

Baby forks can also be made out of plastic. If going this route, be sure that fork is composed of plastic that is BPA-free and phthalate free to keep your baby away from harmful chemicals. 

Different Color Options

A baby fork and spoon set can be a classic white or metal color, or you may prefer to pick up a set that is decorated with a print or pattern, color, or embellished with a cute character to make meal time more fun!

Where Can You Use It?

A baby fork and spoon set can be used at home or packed away in a diaper bag so that your baby can self-feed at a restaurant or friend or family member’s home when you’re on the go. 

A baby fork will become a permanent fixture as your little one learns how to eat chunks of food and feed themselves. Choose a fork that is safe, durable and strong to last throughout their baby and toddler eating stage.