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Baby Utensils

Baby Utensils are an important part of learning how to eat. The right tools set your baby up for self-feeding success. Baby utensils are a must when it comes to your feeding your growing bitsy bug. We've curated a collection of the best baby utensils so your shopping experience is quick and easy. Also see our Toddler Utensils

View our best baby utensils below:

What Are Baby Utensils?

Baby utensils are tools such as a fork, knife, and spoon; to help your toddler eat. They come in thinner, smaller, and longer sizes and shapes that deliver food to mouths and keep it off hands! Baby utensils come in all sorts of colors, prints, and patterns. Some are even shaped like your baby’s favorite characters. 

Sold in a set, these utensils come in a carrying case to make them easily transportable!

Why Are They Useful?

Baby feeding utensils are useful because an adult sized spoon is too big for your baby’s mouth and is too hard for their hands to hold. Adult sized knives are unsafe, and a baby fork has prongs, but they are not as sharp as the adult version. 

Utensils are useful because they help to train your baby to eat properly. They improve eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, and promote independence. Self-feeding comes over time and only gets mastered with regular practice. Baby utensils help your child go from baby to toddler, to big kid! 

What Are They Made From?

The best baby utensils are made from silicone. This material is far safer than plastic. It is soft, smooth, and flexible. Your baby will love chewing on it after they are done eating to satisfy their aching gums. 

Silicone can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning or sterilization purposes. It's easy for little fingers and hands to grip because it is non-slip. The same goes for purees! When using a silicone spoon, pureed foods stay in place and don't’ slide around!

Many baby utensils are also made from plastic. This is an affordable option and the tools can be safe to use as long as they are BPA-free. 

Stainless steel is another popular material used in baby utensils. Strong and sturdy, steel is safe, easy to clean, and is very long lasting. Oftentimes parents pass down a stainless steel set from one generation to another. 

Where To Buy Affordable Products?

If budget isn’t an issue and you want a beautiful, timeless, high quality heirloom; parents purchase baby utensils in sterling silver. Classic and sweet, a set like this is dependable, timeless, effective, and also easy to clean. 

Where Can You Use Them?

Baby eating utensils can be taken anywhere! While you may have a permanent set at your home, many parents also like to keep a set in their diaper bag so that they have baby utensils on the go. This way, they can use them at restaurants, at picnics, and at friends and family members’ houses. 

Baby utensils are important objects that enhance your baby’s developmental milestones and turn them into an independent feeder. Pick up a set that fits your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle!