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Baby Yoda Plush Toy Review

Baby Yoda Plush Toy Review

Baby Yoda plush toy is both soft and cuddly, all while looking just like the real character from beloved show! That's why the world is going mad about this baby Yoda doll and is the best on the market!

Baby Yoda Plush Toy Reviews

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be scrambling to come up with the perfect gift ideas for friends and family.

With the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise out in cinemas along with Disney's The Mandalorian available for streaming, Star Wars themed gifts are sure to be a success. We think that the new plush baby Yoda plush toy is the best gift out there.

Tracy Guarino, Board of Directors, Whering

Baby Yoda's plush toy is placed on top of the table.

Who is Baby Yoda?

Everyone who has seen or heard of Star Wars will know of Yoda, the ancient, gremlin-like Jedi master who talks in backward sentences and seems to carry the wisdom of a thousand lifetimes.

If you haven't yet seen The Mandalorian, you may be wondering, who and what is this Baby Yoda that has apparently taken the internet by storm?

To clear things up, Baby Yoda or "The Child" is not actually a young Yoda. This little critter is a young character of the same species, who, like the real Yoda, is Force-sensitive and carries certain abilities like healing serious wounds.

Star Wars creator George Lucas was always very secretive about this species, never giving it a name or a back story, so, for the time being, this is all we know about The Child.

Another surprising fact about The Child is his age. While he looks and sounds like a fresh-faced baby, baby Yoda is, in fact, around 50 years old. In his species, 50 years old is still an infant. Yoda lived to an incredible 900 years old, to put things in perspective.

There are a whole bunch of fan theories about who or what this little Yoda look-alike could be. All we know for sure is that he is undeniably adorable, and we can not wait to see more of him on our screens.

Sonja Andersen, Production Manager, Seea

baby girl playing a yoda plush toy in the baby room

So, why is Baby Yoda such a fan favorite?

To give you an idea of The Child's popularity, he's currently trending higher than the Democratic candidates on social media. If you watch even a few clips of The Child in the new Star Wars show at home, you will instantly be hooked too.

With this big, sappy eyes, his expressive ears, and his adorable little baby voice, it's easy to see why everyone is obsessed with this little guy.

In fact, this little creature is such a hit, several articles have been written trying to use science to explain exactly why he is so cute.

According to some investigative digging at Vulture Magazine, it's Baby Yoda's big saucer-shaped eyes and a large head that makes us hardwired to adore the little guy.

We are programmed to want to take care of small animals and baby girls, and these types of traits that are typically thought of as 'cute,' actually encourage us to take more responsibility in caring for them.

It's no surprise that the main character in the show can't help but take care of this adorable little thing.

Kristin Crocker, Creative Manager, Oakley

baby plush toy standing on top of a white table

Why is the new plush toy Baby Yoda such a great gift?

This Mandalorian Baby Yoda plush toy is the perfect replica of the real thing. With a plush body, moveable arms, and the famous, expressive Baby Yoda face, this toy is cuddly and absolutely adorable.

There are quite a few Baby Yoda toys available these days, even though the official Disney version is yet to be released. This toy is definitely the best we've come across. Unlike some of the other products, this Yoda is soft and cuddly, while still looking just like the puppet used on the show.

Plus, because it's a talking plush, you'll get to listen to the cute little Baby Yoda voice while staring into those mesmerizing big eyes.

Star Wars fans will love pretending to be the titular character of The Mandalorian and try taking care of their very own cute little Baby Yoda.

Lora (Brown) Williams, Co-Founder, Limitless Tomorrow ABA

What makes this plush Baby Yoda stuffed Animal toy the best?

This little guy stands at around 11" and resembles the real puppet used on the show almost exactly. His facial features are the same, while his fabric robes are also an almost exact replica.

With any Baby Yoda, the plush design is essential. You'll want to be able to hug your Yoda Baby toy without encountering hard edges or uncomfortable materials. Unlike other product designs, this Baby Yoda stuffed animal plush toy really does tick all the plush toy boxes.

You'll also be amazed by the sounds that come out of this little talking plush. Any Star Wars The Child plush toy needs to have a good quality voice - Baby Yoda's adorable sounds are what him so cute! Luckily, this little guy sounds just like the real thing; plus, the sound quality is clear, loud, and sharp.

We were also really impressed by the quality and affordability of this little toy. Some toys, including those from the Black Series, are actually a bit disappointing when it comes to the quality.

This Baby Yoda Disney Plus plush toy does not fall short. It will last a long time, and it will never look like it was cheaply made, no matter loved it is.

Plus, it's super affordable considering the high quality of the design, so you'll feel good about giving it as a gift this December.

Kelly J. Bodú, Founder & CEO, More Than Happy

A baby Yoda toy is placed outside on top of a rock.


If you're looking for the perfect gift for a Disney Star Wars fan of any age, The Mandalorian Baby Yoda toy is exactly what you're looking for. With its adorable face and its hilarious voice, this toy is bound to make someone smile. Just like in the real Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda is utterly irresistible! As Yoda would say, in this Baby Yoda toy, Mandalorian, a great holiday gift you have found!

Karen Morin, Founder, LA Patient Advocates

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