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Baby Coats & Jackets (3M+)

Quality Durable Baby Coats & Baby Jackets 

Jackets are one of those fashion statements that can pull an outfit together. You've probably put a lot of thought into the jackets you wear every season, so why not make the same careful choices when it comes to your baby? There's nothing cuter than a tiny little girl in a cute spring jacket or a small baby boy in a cool lightweight bomber jacket. As baby fashions become more and more varied, you'll find more baby jacket options on the market, especially here on Bitsy Bug Boutique.  

Our collection has a wide range of adorable baby boy coats and jackets and some of the very cutest baby girl jackets too. Your little one is bound to look cuddly, cozy, and cute in one of our stylish jackets. If you're struggling to choose, we've narrowed down some of the latest and cutest jacket trends for babies this season. Enjoy!

Jean Jackets

Since the 90s, the jean jacket has been a staple in any fashion-conscious girl or guy's closet. The casual chilled out look of a denim jacket works well all year round. You'll love how cute your baby looks in one of our baby girl jean jackets. This season, it's all about simplicity, so look for classic jean jackets without too many frills. Pair one of our baby girl denim jackets with a sweet little skirt and boots and your little one will look cute as a button. 


When it starts to get colder, you'll want to invest in some weatherproof jackets for your baby. Windbreakers are always a great option. Your baby will feel protected from the elements while looking cool and sporty. We have a few cute, high-quality baby boy and baby girl windbreaker jackets that your little one will love to wear. 

Duffle Coats 

Duffle coats are a classic style for kids, and on babies, they're nothing short of adorable. Look for fuzzy linings and fluffy hoods so that your baby is extra warms and cozy all winter long. Duffle coats make the best newborn baby jackets because of their easy to put on design. They also look great on toddlers. Check out our baby girl winter jackets and our baby boys winter jackets for some of the cutest duffle coats on the market. 

Pea coats 

The pea coat is another classic coat design. This is a slightly more formal option that looks absolutely adorable for a special event. If you have an occasion coming up and need a fancy baby jacket, the pea coat is definitely the way to go. It makes a great baby boys winter jacket that looks smart and sharp, or it looks great over a cute smocked dress. 

Bomber Jackets 

For a more casual look, try the bomber jacket. This option will look great on a quiet afternoon trip to the park, plus your baby feels comfy and calm all day long. See our collection for some of the cutest and coolest baby girl bomber jackets, complete with sequins, fur, and adorable prints.  

Puffer Coats 

The warmest option for your little one will be the insulated puffer coat, sometimes known as the marshmallow coat. There won't be much cuter than your little baby wrapped up in a huge, fluffy puffer! These puffy coats are becoming more and more stylish in the baby boy winter jackets and baby girl winter jackets world. Your baby will look super cuddly in one of these, plus they'll feel nice and warm, whatever the weather outside. 

Blazer Style Baby Jackets & Baby Coats

If you want to go for something super stylish, try to find a blazer style baby jacket. Blazers look really smart on toddlers that are heading to fancy events, and, as they become more and more fashionable for kids, there are more and more options available. To keep the jacket looking child-appropriate, look for cute, colorful patterns, prints, and designs. Your little one will look super smart and stylish in one of these! 

Light Spring Jackets & Spring Coats

For Springtime, look for really lightweight materials, and fun pastel colors. Our selection of baby boy spring jackets and baby girl spring jackets look great on any baby or toddler. They'll really pull any outfit together while keeping your son or daughter safe from the cool spring breeze. Keep our eye out for thin, soft, breathable materials for the spring and enjoy the huge range of styles we have available. 

Leather Jackets 

Lots of parents feel a bit hesitant putting their baby in a leather jacket. But leather jackets are becoming more and more stylish and widespread. Some designs actually look super cute and girly. Have a look at some baby girls leather jackets before you decide it's not the look for you. It might just be the change in style you need for your little one. They also look cool and hip on baby boys too. Throw a cute pair of shades on your baby, and they'll be set to hit the streets in style.  

Matching Jackets & Coats

If you're lucky enough to find any baby jackets, boy or girl, that match your own, you should definitely invest in one. Wearing matching jackets is a fun, cute way to leave the house in style together. You'll also get some amazing matching photos that you'll be able to treasure for years. Some shops sell matching mommy and baby jackets, but you can always try to find similar jackets at different stores. If you find some simple, classic designs of a baby girl or baby boy jacket, 9-12 months in size, you can then look for the same style in your favorite grown-up shop. It's a great excuse to get yourself a present as well as your baby! 

Our collection of stylish, high-quality baby winter jackets is a great place to start your search for some new pieces for your baby's wardrobe this season. With our quick deliveries, you'll get your cute new jacket in no time, so you can head out and about with your little one with no worries about whatever weather the day might throw at you.