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What Do Newborns Wear In Hospital

A common question roaming in every new mom’s mind is what do newborns wear in hospital? The answers can vary depending on the individual choice of the parents. Be that as it may, some clothing items are considered staples when dressing a newborn in the hospital.

A baby’s birth is described as the best feeling in the world for the parents. It is something difficult for them to explain in simple words. However, after the initial excitement, parents also have to think about what to bring in their hospital bags to comfort their baby.

No one is going to put on fancy outfits for their baby as soon as they are born. Instead, clothing that is easy to take off and put back on is what newborns usually wear. This includes soft and gentle clothing on a baby’s skin and some accessories to keep them warm.

What Do Newborns Wear In Hospital

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What Do Newborns Wear In Hospital?

Many new parents wonder what do newborns wear in hospital and what pieces of clothing they should pack in the baby bag. If you are one of those parents, you don’t have to worry because the baby wears only onesies and swaddles during those couple of days in the hospital.

So, if you need some ideas for soft and comfortable newborn onesies, check out our newborn baby girl clothes collection and grab a discount!

It is always good to pack some clothes for your baby, but you should also keep in mind that most hospitals provide you with basic clothes for your newborn. The good thing is that most hospitals have the preemie size, which is smaller than the newborn clothing size and perfect for smaller babies of up to five pounds.

Anyway, if you still insist on packing some clothes for the first days at the hospital, choose pieces made of natural, organic, and soft fabrics. Comfortability is the number one thing the newborn clothes should feature.

Generally, the most important clothes you should carry, even though some hospitals provide them, in your newborn bag to the hospital are:

  • Onesies or sleepsuits
  • Socks
  • Hats or soft bow headbands if you are expecting a baby girl


Once your baby is born, the hospital staff swaddles it in a blanket. Later on, it would be a good idea for you to bring a onesie for your baby. Not only does this ensure that your baby will be comfortable during its hospital stay, but it will also be easier to get on and take off.


Hospital staff recommends using baby bonnets to protect a newborn's head, which is very soft in the beginning stages of their development. These types of hats provide security, as well as warmth because babies can easily get cold while they are in the hospital.

Also, you can carry some soft headbands if you’re expecting a girl. You can find these headbands in many different styles and colors, perfect for making that cute little face even cutter.

Hats For Newborn To Wear In Hospital

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Fluffy socks look extremely cute on newborns. More importantly, they also play a huge role in keeping your baby not only comfortable but warm as well. Socks are basic accessories for newborns and are usually provided by the hospital. Some sock alternatives also include footies or booties.

Why Your Baby Doesn’t Need A Lot of Clothing in the Hospital

Some parents think bringing several different types of newborn clothing in the hospital bag is necessary. However, most babies spend their hospital days in only a diaper and a hospital-provided swaddle. The reason for this is that they only need minimal clothing.

Two to three onesies, just in case, and a couple of sock pairs and hats will be just enough for a newborn baby in the hospital. Also, you can bring one outfit for your newborn to wear when you go home. Other than that, a newborn doesn’t need additional clothing.

Other factors are also connected to the amount of clothing you choose to bring for your newborn. In addition to appearance, you also have to think of functionality. Simple and minimalistic baby clothes are easier for doctors to provide frequent check-ups and change their diapers.

Medical assessments

Newborn babies require medical attention at all times. Doctors and nurses will frequently carry out medical assessments such as weighing your baby, checking their hearing and reflexes, as well as performing blood tests. It is easier to do this when a newborn is not wearing much clothing.

Uncomplicated diaper changes

If a baby is wearing pants or pajamas in the hospital, it would be tricky to change their diapers all the time. Newborn babies need their diapers changed every few hours, so a simple onesie is the best practical clothing item.

Kangaroo care

Nothing makes babies feel safer than being held in their parent’s arms. When babies wear minimal clothing, the chances are higher of making skin-to-skin contact with their parents. This practice is called kangaroo care because the baby lays directly on their mother’s chest. The only clothing item they are wearing at this time is a blanket.

Additional Hospital Bag Necessities

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Additional Hospital Bag Necessities

Now that we have established what do newborns wear in hospital, it is time to figure out what else you might need in your hospital bag. Although the hospital provides some of these items, it is better to bring your own so you won’t have to pay for diapers and baby wipes.

Some hospitals will dress your baby very simply. They will provide a swaddle, a diaper, or a newborn bodysuit with snaps. However, carrying at least one-brand new outfit in your hospital bag is not a bad idea in case the hospital doesn’t provide any additional clothing.

Even though hospital staff provides enough support, help, and care for you and your baby during your stay, being prepared is extremely important. Even if you don’t end up using some of these items in the hospital, you will have them on hand once you arrive home with your baby.


Before you decide to bring any type of diapers, call the hospital and have an honest talk with them. Some hospitals will share their preferences on which diapers they usually use. Most commonly, disposable diapers are put on newborns. 

Baby wipes

The safest and most gentle baby wipes to use for your newborn are alcohol-free. Your baby’s skin is so soft and delicate that using baby wipes containing alcohol and paraben can easily irritate the baby’s skin. You will mostly need to use baby wipes during your newborn’s diaper changes.


Although the hospital initially provides a swaddle, bringing your baby blanket is much more special. If family members and friends visit you and your baby in the hospital, they can take pictures of the newborn in their special blanket.

Going Home Outfits

After your baby receives the necessary medical care, it is time to go home and settle in their new environment. At this point, you can have fun dressing your baby by bringing a cute going-home outfit for both you and your newborn.

Going Home Outfits

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One-piece clothing items are the easiest to put on newborns. You won’t have to worry about something getting loose or detached, and everything will be kept in place. You can buy matching jumpsuits and take memorable going-home pictures.


If your baby is born during the warmer months of the year, you can bring a romper instead of a jumpsuit. Rompers are more lightweight and breathable, but they usually don’t have zippers and buttons like jumpsuits. 


Since newborn babies are usually dressed in layers, a great clothing item for keeping your baby warm is a vest. You can throw the vest as an additional layer over any other going-home outfit you originally planned on dressing your baby in. 

Final Words

As a new mom and parent, you should not be worried about what do newborns wear in hospital. Hospitals provide basic newborn and preemie clothes!

But I understand your happiness and urge to buy something sweet for your little one, so feel free to prepare a onesie or two, colorful socks, and a hat. The going-home outfit is of your choice, so ensure it is something soft and organic but trendy at the same time.

Sam Milam

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