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Baby Shower Food Ideas : The Definitive Guide

Are you planning an upcoming baby shower for you or someone else? Although most people focus on the location, games, or even the decorations, the anatomy of a successful party usually comes down to two things: the people and the food!

If you can master the food, you’re guaranteed to keep your guests happy.

Fortunately, baby shower food doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Let’s explore some of our favorite inspiration. 

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Ideas For Brunch
Source: / Photo Contributor: Anna Azimi


Who doesn’t love a great breakfast/lunch combination spread? Moreover, brunch is a great time to host a baby shower. It’s a flexible enough meal that you can serve it anywhere from about 10:00am until 2:00pm.

Some great ideas to consider include:

  • Fruit salad 
  • Mimosa bar (grab a few different kinds of juices, champagnes, and berries and let people mix their own drinks)
  • Bagel bar (provide bagels, cream cheese, lox, and other condiments)
  • Pastries and muffins
  • DIY cereal bar (display a few boxes of tasty cereals and jars of milk)
  • Hot entrees (eggs, bacon, waffles, and pancakes)


If you’re hosting your party around 11:00-1:00pm, you’ll need to serve lunch to your guests. There are many great options to consider.


Many people opt for appetizer buffets at their baby showers instead of a traditional, formal lunch. Appetizers are simple and fun, and you can truly show off your creativity with them. Some ideas include:

  • Kabobs (either with fruit or vegetables)
  • Charcuterie boards with various cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits
  • Salads (consider having 2-3 different kinds)
  • Vegetables and various dips

Finger Sandwiches 

Sandwiches are a classic option, because they’re easy, fun, and everyone loves them. You can make them yourself or get them catered. Make sure you have various meat selections, and don’t overlook a veggie option for your vegetarian friends. 


The casual backyard and pool party-themed baby shower have become more popular in recent years. Barbecue is a foolproof choice for at-home celebrations. 

Make sure to offer several kinds of bbq (pork, chicken, beef, etc.). For sides, consider baked potatoes, roasted corn, watermelon, coleslaw, and chips and salsa. Keep it casual by offering sodas, beer, and sweet tea.

Cultural Themed Lunch

Whether you’re Chinese or Italian or Indian, consider honoring your family’s culture by hosting a lunch with your favorite foods. You can ask friends and family to bring one of their favorite dishes, or choose to cater from a favorite restaurant.

Some people blend various cultures into their menu. This can be an excellent strategy for ensuring that everyone has something to enjoy.

Cultural Themed Lunch
Source: / Photo Contributor: Africa Studio


Potlucks are, by far, the most casual approach to a baby shower. However, this can be a great option if you’re throwing a work shower or a shower with just a few friends. Potlucks take the burden away from the host planning and paying for everything.

If you go for the potluck, remember that you need to release control. You won’t be able to guarantee the quality of the food other people bring. If this stresses you out, a potluck probably isn't your best bet. 

Keep planning organized by creating a shareable spreadsheet where everyone can access the menu. Create a list of popular categories (salads, main dishes, desserts, drinks, etc.) and have people fill in what they intend to bring. You can either pick a theme, but that’s optional. Finally, don’t forget the plates and utensils.


Although they aren’t nearly as common as brunch or lunch, some people prefer dinnertime to host their baby showers. Typically, dinner showers have the most formal menus. Typically, these events are either professionally catered or held in a restaurant.

If you don’t want to make the food yourself (or have someone else do all the cooking or baking), this can be a great option. Most restaurants will offer various prix fixe event menus that include appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts for a flat rate. You can also usually choose an alcohol selection or an open bar.

When it comes to catering, your options are endless! From having your favorite restaurant catered to posting a food truck, the meal should reflect your personality and your overall theme of the shower.


No party is complete without the dessert! While some people keep it simple with a cake, many others opt to have multiple sweets or an entire dessert table


At any party, the cake is the tried-and-true dessert. Today, you can receive a customized cake to look and taste exactly as you want. Furthermore, cakes are the perfect treats for memorable photo opportunities. 

Keep in mind the size of your guest list before ordering your cake. Although some people will turn down dessert, you want to make sure you have enough for everyone to enjoy a slice. Typically, a standard 12-inch round cake yields about 25 servings. 

Cake As A Dessert For Baby Shower Food
Source: / Photo Contributor: Ruth Black

Cupcakes, Cookies, Or Donuts

Not a huge cake fan? Many people choose cupcake or donut towers for a gorgeous, tasty dessert. To really please your audience, consider mixing and matching different flavors and textures. 

If you’re not having a cake, you’ll want to have 1.5 cupcakes, cookies, or donuts per person. If you have 40 guests, that’s 60 desserts. 

Candy Buffet

Candy bars aren’t just for kids, and they definitely aren’t just fun at weddings. They make for excellent baby shower desserts, and they can also double-duty as a party favor. Start by selecting a specific theme and color scheme. Although many people choose pink for girl showers and blue for boy showers, you don’t have to subscribe to this norm.

Pick between 4-5 different candies- some should be bulk, loose candies with a scoop, and others, like lollipops or rock candy sticks, should be individually packaged. You’ll want to have around 8oz of candy per guest. Finally, don’t forget the tablecloth and centerpieces. Your display should have a show-stopping effect on people!

Candy Buffet As A Baby Shower Food Idea
Source: / Photo Contributor: Inna Levchenko


Baby showers can be one of the most exciting times in pregnancy. Make sure that you prioritize your guests eating well! Good food makes for happy people, and you deserve to give the best to the people you love the most.

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