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What Are The Latest Baby Fashion Trends During COVID-19?

What Are The Latest Baby Fashion Trends During COVID-19

What are the latest baby fashion trends during COVID-19? became one of the most searched questions related to baby fashion.

We might be in a global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your little one still can't look fashionable during the quarantine. After all, what’s more cheerful than seeing a well-dressed baby on all those family Zoom calls? 

We all know that babies are only small for so long. The months pass quickly until you wake up and realize your precious baby isn’t such a baby anymore. 

Dressing them in cute outfits helps you make the most out of this special time. Doing so also offers you with an endless supply of adorable photos!).  Let’s get into some of the top baby fashion trends of the year.

The list below is a great go-to for affordable baby clothes. Also see our designer baby clothes guide as well.

Bright Bikinis

Summer is here, and whether you’re swimming in the ocean, river, or just an inflatable pool, keep your daughter fashionable with a fun, bright bikini.

This year, fruit prints like pineapples, watermelon, and strawberries, are trending. 

If you’re looking for a great photo opp, grab a fruit-themed bikini and snap a picture of your little one noshing on that snack (bonus points if it’s all over her face).

Are you looking for extra coverage and sun protection? You should be! Research shows that infants are particularly susceptible to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays within their first six months of life.

Consider a one-piece suit, a stock up on water-resistant sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Finally, aim to avoid peak sunlight hours between 10am and 4pm and keep your baby in the shade as much as possible. 

Alana Hadid, Owner, LA DETRESSE

baby girl in a striped dress, hat, and sunglasses is sitting on the ground

Slogan Rompers

Question: What’s cuter than a baby in a romper? 

Answer: A baby in a romper with a clever slogan!

Rompers are one of the easiest and most comfortable outfits for both boys and girls.

They’re also downright adorable! If you’re looking for a laugh, consider rompers with catchy phrases like, Let’s Taco Bout It or It Wasn’t Me (on the butt!), or Don’t Touch The Hair! 

Not so into the slogan trend? For baby boys, classic rompers with animal prints, solid colors, or denim are always fashionable.

For baby girls, you can’t go wrong with floral designs, bows, or lace rompers. For this baby fashion style tip, consider mixing and matching different styles for different weathers.

Rux Rucker, Creator & Brand Visionary, Silliest Slogans

colorful set of baby rompers hanged on a white brick wall

Stylish Boy Sneakers 

No, your baby might not be walking yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t look fashionable in his new kicks!

Boy sneakers have been popular for a few years, and we don’t see the trend disappearing anytime soon.

Classic checkered and slip-on sneakers dress well with any outfit, from a casual pair of jeans and a onesie to a more formal pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt. 

And if your little one is already starting to walk, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and quality for fashion. Today, many sneakers balance functionality with modern trends. 

Mark Donohue, Owner, Combat The Chaos

Color-Coordinated Holiday Outfits  

Chances are, you’re going to be celebrating holidays differently this year. While this might be difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them in baby fashion style.

Whether it’s Fourth of July, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve, the holidays are always a great excuse for playing dress-up.

You only get a few seasons with your little one being little! Make the most of these special occasions with unique color-coordinated outfits guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Holiday outfits also make for memorable pregnancy reveals. Consider snapping a photo of the outfit along with your ultrasound and a picture of you and your partner. 

Emily Slagel, Buyer and Retail Developer, Moop

baby boy on white dress and jumper with sunglasses lying on couch at home

Tutu Dresses

Let’s be real. Women only have so many excuses in life to dress up in tutu! Why not take advantage of this fun baby fashion trend for your daughter.

From ice cream cone designs to sunflowers to unicorns, bright tutu dresses have always been timeless apparel for little girls.

This year is no exception. They’ll love getting to play dress-up, and you’ll love taking a hundred pictures to commemorate the outfit.  

Don’t forget to pair her dress with bow sandals or glitter shoes. She’ll be the star of the show!

Paula Pinto, Operations Manager, Sergio Tacchini

Casual Onesies

There’s a reason so many parents gravitate towards having drawers stuffed with onesies.

They’re simple and fun- and what better way to show off those delicious, chunky thighs?

If you have a newborn, you’re dealing with diaper changes around the clock.Therefore, you want easy clothing that keeps all the squirming at bay.

Some parents rock the onesie trend until their little ones are potty-trained out of diapers while others swap them out for t-shirts and pants around nine months or so.

That said, everyone knows the benefits of having an assortment of them available for quick changes.

Best of all? They’re inexpensive, and they take up minimal space. They’re easy to throw in the diaper bag, and they make for great gifts for new parents.

Onesies for girls are especially easy to go casual with but still have flare. Baby boy onsies can be both casual and elegant, depending on your daily fashion focus.

 Kyle Blum, Merchandise Marketing Manager, Thredup

a cute baby girl in white onesie with a ribbon bow lying inside the crib

Don’t Forget Mom!

Are you guilty of dressing your child in the latest baby fashions only to put on an old t-shirt and baggy sweatpants when you go out? You’re not alone- we’ve all been there! But you deserve to look as gorgeous as your gorgeous baby. 

Matching Mommy and Me dresses are a wonderful way to show off your relationship with your little girl.

They make for great family photos, special events (socially-distanced picnics, anyone?), or just hanging out around town.

Your daughter, who’s always busy watching your every move, will love matching with her favorite woman! 

Additionally, you know that being a mom is hard work. Why not celebrate your 24/7 job with a funny mom shirt? Catchy slogans like I’m napping for two or Mamacita Needs A Margarita are guaranteed to land you several knowing smiles during your next Target run.

JT Donaldson, Sales Floor Associate, Madewell

Final Thoughts On Rocking Baby Fashion In 2020

There’s no doubt that we’re in strange times right now. We may not know all that lies ahead, but your adorable baby can be the sunlight during this stormy weather.

At Bitsy Bug Boutique, they specialize in all things baby! From budget-friendly clothing collections to toys to must-need accessories, they’ve got you covered. 

Jenna Woodhull, Senior Vice President of Design & Merchandising, Brixton

Alex Smith

Alex Smith, author

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