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Toddler Spoons

Toddler spoons are useful items for your little eater. No longer a baby, your toddler needs the right tools to feed themselves their cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, and chunky purees. Bitsy Bug Boutique has curated a safe, reliable collection of the best toddler spoons. Also see our Toddler Utensils and Toddler Forks

View our best toddler spoons below:

What Are Toddler Spoons?

Toddler spoons are spoons that are in between a baby spoon and an adult spoon. Their handles are not as long as a baby spoon, and their size and shape is enlarged to accommodate a bigger mouth and strong grips. 

Why Are They Useful?

Toddler spoons self feeding abilities are the main reason why parents pick up the spoons. Your toddler is becoming an independent being and needs to prepare to feed themself at daycare and eventually school. The spoons are perfect items to help them practice and gain control over their motor skills and muscles. This allows you to free up your hands in order to cook or do other things in the kitchen while your baby eats but can still be supervised. 

Toddler training spoons are also useful because they can be packed in a purse so that your toddler always has a utensil that is just right for them when you are away from home, dining out. 

What Are Toddler Spoons Made From?

Toddler spoons self feeding tools are made from a more sturdy and solid material such as stainless steel or silver. Taking a step away from plastic and silicone, toddler spoons are built so that they mimic the overall design look and feel of an adult spoon. 

Stainless steel is an especially great material because it is strong, durable, steady, and easy to clean. It also fits in with other tableware. 

What Are The Best Toddler Feeding Disposable Options?

Toddler feeding spoons also come in a disposable form, which lots of parents also prefer. These spoons can be tossed after one use at the restaurant and can be kept in an easy to access box at a grandparent’s house if your toddler visits and eats there frequently. It saves time and is effective at the same time. 

Toddler spoons are items that get your little one, one step closer to being a big kid. Choose a spoon that is strong, supportive, and safe.