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Mens Diaper Bag

The Men’s Diaper Bag-Do You Have One?

New dad? You need a new mens diaper bag then! If you are going to be caring for your cutie and want to get out and about, then a diaper bag is what you’ll carry to help you continue on with the life you used to live, but now, with a baby in tow! Read on to learn a little more about the men’s diaper bag so you can get one today!

What is a Men’s Diaper Bag?

A mens baby diaper bag is a classic diaper bag that is designed with less frill and color; and features gender neutral cuts, fabric, silhouettes, and features. Not resembling a purse by any means, a men’s diaper bag looks similar to the type of a bag a man would carry in and out of the office, but with more features and room for baby gear!

The most popular design styles include a messenger, back pack, and duffel bag design when carried by dads. 

Material Makeup

The best mens diaper bag is made from nylon. Nylon is a wildly popular material because of its ability to be strong and durable, but also waterproof. It wipes clean and washes well. It retains its shape and even has some stretch to it if a diaper bag is stuffed to the brim. It’s also not uncommon to see a men’s diaper bag designed in polyester and that features insulated pockets. This can be useful to keep a baby’s bottle or juice nice and cool, especially during warm weather. 

Some men prefer the look and feel of a leather diaper bag. Leather is durable and strong, while remaining soft and attractive looking. When choosing the right diaper bag, it all comes down to price and preference. 

Some History

A diaper bag mens style became wildly popular in the early 2000’s. Losing the reputation that diaper bags could only be carried by moms, dads started sporting these bags in the form of book bags. Over time, celebrities also help enhance the men’s diaper bag status by going out and about in public while wearing one. Usually in the form of messenger style bags, celeb dads like Brad Pitt, Ethan Hawk, and Ryan Renyolds all rock these wearable and essential bags!

Key Features

The best mens diaper bag is loaded with compartments. This is the key for organization! Look for a bag that has a wide main compartment and open side pockets for diapers and wipes. Smaller compartments are also nice so you can stash away a toy, your wallet, cell phone, keys, and even snacks. Insulated compartments are also ideal so you can take a bottle or baby food out and about without it spoiling!

Easy To Use

Who said you have to go with a traditional diaper bag? Couples are choosing to carry a men’s diaper bag that they can easily share and pass between the both of them. Able for dad to carry, a men’s diaper bag is comfortable, useful, and a parent’s necessity in order to go out in public with their baby!