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Infant Spoons

Infant spoons are important! Once your little eater becomes a big eater, they are going to need tools that help them navigate solid purees and small chunks of food without using their hands. Bitsy Bug Boutique has curated the perfect selection of infant spoons. 

View our best infant spoons below:

What Are Infant Spoons and Why Are They Useful?

Infant spoons are designed for babies to help them eat solids. Once they start to go beyond the bottle, your baby will need a spoon to learn how to hold and eventually self-feed. At first, you will feed them, and the infant spoon’s long handle will come in handy!

An infant spoon is useful because it helps your little one focus on their fine motor skills and learn to self-feed. It refined a basic grip, and it also helps encourage hand-eye coordination!

What is it Made From?

The best infant spoons are made from stainless steel. These spoons are ultra-durable and strong, yet safe for a baby to use. They are often lined with a silicone tip so that the puree doesn’t slide off and that your baby won’t hurt themself if they bump their gums or teeth, or try to nibble on it to soothe their gums. 

Infant spoons can also be made from silicone. This is an awesome material because it is soft and bendy. It too will not hurt your baby’s gums or budding teeth. It is easy to hold and has a non slip grip as well, which can encourage proper placement of hands.

An infant feeding spoon can also be made out of plastic. Most plastics today are composed of  BPA-free and phthalate free material to keep your baby away from harmful chemicals. 

What Are The Different Styles of Spoons?

Infant spoons can be white or metal with a color, or you may prefer to pick up an infant spoon set that is designed with a print or pattern, color, or embellished with your favorite character to make meal time more fun!

Where Can You Use It?

Infant spoons can be used at the dinner table or placed in a diaper bag so that your baby can self-feed at a restaurant when you’re out and about.

Infant spoons are important! As your little one learns how to eat chunks of food and feed themselves for the first time, you want to choose a spoon that is safe, durable and strong so that it lasts throughout their baby and toddler eating stage.