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Baby & Toddler Swimwear

High-Quality Baby & Toddler Swimwear

When you have a baby, you can simply put them in the pool or ocean in their diaper, right? They literally don’t need baby swimwear to make it through the summer. Wrong! You can’t put a baby in the water in their diaper alone. Even if you have toddlers who have graduated from diapers and moved up to potty training, they still need baby swimwear to keep them covered and protected from the sun, sand, and surf. If you are a new parent and have never shopped for baby swimwear before, we’re excited to have you here! 

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Why Should Swimwear & Beach Swimwear Be Durable?

Swimwear for babies should be lined. This means that the suit that they are wearing isn’t just the suit itself. It is lined with fabric that conforms to your baby’s skin. Whether they are wearing a suit or a diaper cover, the extra lining is extra important. 

How Can Swimwear Be Comfortable for Babies?

Some different fabrics of baby & Toffler swimwear include polyester or a lycra blend. This fabric is stretchy, thick, comfortable, and it dries quickly. It keeps its shape and can stretch quite well. The straps should be composed from the same fabric as well and when possible choose a thicker strap. Thin, string straps can dig into your baby’s skin and be uncomfortable and if worn in a halter style around the back of the neck. 

What Are Some Tips for Getting the Right Fit for Baby Swimwear?

The right fit for swim wear is everything! You certainly don’t want your baby swimming around in a suit that is too loose. Nor, do you want them in anything too tight to cut into their delicate skin. In order to get the perfect fit of a baby one piece swimsuit or two piece; be sure to know your baby’s stats. Their height and weight will help you get the right size suit, according to the suit’s tags and fit guide. 

While you may put your baby in a size 3t in their everyday clothes, they may not fit into a suit in that size. Always read the size guide before making a baby swimsuit purchase and keep a flexible measuring tape available in case you have to measure around the check, waist, or hips of your little one. 

Why Use a Diaper Cover for Swimming?

If you have an infant or a little one, you may want to put them in a diaper cover. These water resistant covers keep your baby’s diaper in place and serve as a shield when transitioning from the water to land, and vice versa. In fact, most pools or beaches will never allow you to enter with a small baby unless they have some sort of cover on their diaper. They come in a pull off/pull on style, and also a snap bottom style at the crotch.

What Are The Different Styles of One Piece?

A one piece suit is a popular pick for little girls. It keeps them comfortable and provides plenty of coverage. They come in many styles and have all sorts of straps and silhouettes. Straps can be a sleeveless style, a halter style, flutter sleeves, or a bandeau design. Some one piece suits have an open back design, while others have a criss-cross style.

What Are The Options for Two Piece Swimwear for Babies?

A two piece swimsuit is also a huge hit with moms. They often put their daughter in a tankini or mini bikini to make more of a fashion statement and less for function. 

Regardless, the two piece suit can be pretty cute. Bottoms can be full coverage, a pair of shorts, or a skirt style. A tankini provides more coverage, similar to a one piece, but has the freedom and flexibility for easy on and off for going to the bathroom and getting changed. 

What Is a Rash Guard and How Does It Protect Toddlers?

Boys and girls can wear a rash guard, however, they are most popularly worn by little boy swimmers. These long sleeve baby swim suits, or rash guards, are basically t-shirts designed in swimsuit fabric that help your baby beat sunburn and overheating. Some have built in SPF for added protection, and they are easy to pair with swim shorts or a swim bottom. 

What Are The Different Styles of Swim Trunks?

Your baby boy can wear swim trunks. These trunks can be worn in a longer style, which hits at the knee, or a shorter style, which hits mid thigh. Some parents utilize swim trunks that are basically a fitted brief-regardless of the style you prefer, they all serve the same function!

What Are Some Prints and Patterns to Consider When Choosing Swimwear?

You can mix and match two piece sets based on their colors in order to create contrasting, yet complimentary prints. 

How to Care for Swimwear?

Once you purchase baby swimwear, you can learn how to care for them. Never put one on your child after receiving one in the mail or picking one up from the store. 

Machine wash it on a cold setting, on a gentle cycle. You may also want to double check with what your child’s swimsuit label says in case it requires special kind of care. 

Place your baby swim suit on a flat surface to dry, preferably in the sun. Never dry the suit in the dryer or hang it on a clothesline. It could cause it to shape improperly, shrink, or sag. Sometimes, a dryer could cause premature wear and tear, which you also do not want.

In conclusion, a baby swimsuit an important investment. You will be putting your child in it all summer long. Be sure to shop for an item that is composed of high quality materials, is durable, is comfortable, and most importantly fun for your child to splash and swim in! Check out our website to find more accessories for babies. Our Customer Service agents are always keen to help you find what you are looking for!