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Baby Spoons

When registering for your baby shower or double checking that you have everything ready for your baby’s arrival, it’s essential that you add baby spoons to your list. Much like bottles and pacifiers, baby spoons should be at the top of your list. Something your little one will use after a few months of bottle feeding, their eating journey begins with a great set of baby spoons!

View our best baby spoons below:

What Are Baby Spoons?

Baby spoons are small utensils that scoop up baby food puree and solid food pieces once they are ready. They are tools that help to cut down on messes at meal time and they can be used with any meal. 

Why Are They Useful?

A baby spoon is useful because it keeps food off your baby’s hands and clothes (and even hair). It scoops up puree or baby cereal with ease, delivering the perfect amount of food into your baby’s mouth. It can also help you stir up their food or mix in chunky pieces into a puree. 

Baby spoons help to develop fine motor skills and eye and hand coordination. With the ultimate goal of the baby being able to eventually self-feed, baby spoons help them along their eating journey. 

They are smaller in size, in comparison to a regular adult spoon. The spoon itself is rounded and thin, perfect for fitting in a tiny mouth. The handle on a baby spoon is extra long, making it a cinch to deliver tasty goodness to them without spilling. 

Where To Buy Grippy and Durable?

Some spoons have grips on their handles, helping to prevent slips and to promote a strong grasp and gentle, correct guide toward the mouth and tongue. 

Baby spoons are also incredibly flexible and soft, never hurting your baby’s gums or teeth when eating. 

Where Can You Use Them?

Baby spoons can be used at home, for any meal. Or, you can easily pack baby spoons in a diaper bag or purse when venturing out to dinner at a restaurant, or simply when your baby needs to eat on the go. Baby spoons are so small and compact, you can bring them anywhere-even on vacation!

What Are They Made From?

The best baby spoons are made from stainless steel and silicone. The handles are composed of the stainless steel leaving them strong and sturdy, and the silicone tip allows for comfort when eating. Food purees aso don't’ easily slide off of a silicone scoop, so you can ensure an easy time feeding and eating. 

It’s also important to make sure you purchase a baby spoon that is dishwasher safe, so that it remains intact after many washes. Baby spoons also should be BPA and phthalate free. This ensures that harmful chemicals never come in contact with your baby while they eat. 

What Are The Necessary Utensil for Babies?

Baby spoons are a baby feeding necessity. From helping your baby taste their first solid food to learning how to independently eat, baby spoons transition your little one from new eater to veteran toddler foodie!