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Baby Toys & Toddler Toys

Boutique Baby Toys

Baby and toddler toys are often times overpriced. We've curated a fun collection of safe, affordable boutique baby toys and toddler toys that make great add-ons to your order today.

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Quality Durable Baby Toys and Toddler Toys

Shopping for baby toys and items is an ever more difficult task. With more and more toys available on the market, it can be hard to know which options are appropriate for your baby to play with. Different toys are suitable for different things in your baby's development, some materials are safe at different ages, and some babies will enjoy to play with various toys. We've tried to simplify baby toys by answering some frequently asked questions about baby toys. 

Toys For Baby Boys 

If you're looking for baby or toddler toys that are perfect for any baby boy, then look no further. Our collection has some of the best baby toys for both girls and boys. Look out for soft, cuddly materials that will be comforting and soothing for your child. Soft toys are a safe option for young babies that will help to calm and reassure them when they're feeling stressed and anxious. 

Our collection of soft baby boy and baby girl toys has tons of fantastic options that will quickly become your baby's best friend, and a lifesaver for you when you need to calm them down. Check out our adorable collection of plush animal toys for some of the best, most durable soft baby toys on the market. 

If you're looking for something that will help with brain development for your baby boy, toys like blocks and rings are a great place to start. This type of toy will teach your child some spatial awareness, and they'll begin to learn how different shapes fit together. When they're a bit older, these toys are also great for learning colors. These toys can create hours of fun and will be endlessly interesting for your little one. 

Toys For Baby Girls

For your little boss girl, boss baby toys are the perfect option to play with. Try getting your little one a stereotype-busting boss toy to ingrain some feminism from day one. Other girl baby toys like dolls and cute stuffed unicorns are always a great option too. No reason why she can't have both!  

Safe For Newborn Babies

If your baby is still very young, buy your toys with safety in mind. Remember that anything can become a choking hazard, so be careful to find toys without any small decorative parts. Baby teething toys are a great thing to have around for when your little one starts to go through the painful teething process. Go for the classic teether ring or try a more modern design like ones with bumpy textures. These newborn baby toys will help your little guy or girl alleviate some of the pain they'll be experiencing, and will give you a little respite from the constant fussiness and crying. 

Great For Brain Development 

Having some toys around that help your baby's brain to develop is always a great idea. We source toys that are designed to help with your baby's brain development. Baby's are endlessly fascinated with the world, and by providing them with toys that help encourage brain development, you'll actually start to learn about their learning tendencies from a young age. For instance, you'll know whether they're more of a visual or an auditory learner, or whether they're more practically minded or more artistic and creative. 

The baby learning toys for early brain development are things like activity mats and mobiles. These will be endlessly entertaining and interesting for your little one, and they will help their vision develop. As they get a bit older, try toys like blocks, unbreakable mirrors, and rattles. They'll learn about sounds and colors as they engage with these toys.  

If you're looking for these baby Einstein brand toys at an affordable price, be sure to visit our extensive collection. We've got toys for all ages that are guaranteed to help your baby's brain grow and develop while also keeping them entertained and occupied to learn for hours. 

Great For Physical Development  

While a baby's brain has tons of developing to do, so, of course, does its body. From tummy time to crawling to their first steps, a baby's journey to a self-sufficient, mobile toddler can be a long and arduous one. There are lots of toys that can really help make the process easier for you both. Look for baby climbing toys and baby walking toys that will help them clamber around safely. Do make sure you buy toys that are age-appropriate and won't be hazardous.  

Our Toys Are Safe 

Different types of toys are safe for different ages. Choking hazards are always important to look out for. Small wooden baby toys, for instance, should be avoided until your child is a few years old. While your baby is still young, choose soft toys without any sharp edges that are durable enough to stay intact under just about any circumstances. 

We Have Bath Toys Too 

Having bath toys for baby girls and boys can be an important part of your bedtime routine. Giving your child a special bath toy will make them enjoy bath time a little bit more, plus, it will help them get into a comfortable routine. Baby bath toys come in all shapes and sizes. Go for the classic, cute rubber ducky, or go for modern options and try to find waterproof baby shark toys. 

Easy To Clean Baby Toys 

Depending on the materials used in the toy, most baby toys should be machine washable. Check the tags on the toys to find out what type of materials are used. If it's not machine washable and you're wondering how to clean baby toys in the sink or the bathtub, simply fill up the basin with warm water and gentle soap. Let it rest for a while, then give the toy a good scrub. Make sure you let the toy dry out fully before giving it back to your little one.  

Baby toys really do come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to check what is safe for your baby in advance, and try to get some options that will help with both physical and mental development. Be sure to check out our wonderful collection for some of the best and cutest baby toys on the market.