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Baby Girls Pacifier

If you have a little baby girl, you are going to need a pacifier. If your little darling hasn’t made her debut yet, a baby girls pacifier is something you’re going to want to pick up because it will become a necessity in your new, everyday life.  We also recommend taking a look at our full collection of baby pacifiers as well. 

View our baby girl pacifiers below:

What Are Pacifiers and Why Are They Helpful?

A baby girls pacifier is a tool used to soothe a baby and calm them  down. Designed to copy the shape and feel of a mother’s nipple, your baby needs their strong suck sensation satisfied. When your baby starts to get fussy, a pacifier stops their crying. This is extremely helpful when you’re away from home with your little one, or if you are physically away from your baby and their caretaker needs something to quiet your baby down when with them.

Baby pacifiers are also used during nap and night time sleep sessions because it helps to cut down on the risk of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is thought that when babies are sucking, they can breathe better and are in a position that isn’t prone to a SIDS attack. A pacifier also helps a baby self-regulate when in their crib. This teaches them to learn how to calm themself down without you frequently running into their nursery in the middle of the night. 

What Are Pacifiers Made From?

Most of the baby girls pacifier is made from 100% natural materials. They are environmentally responsible, ultra-safe and extremely soothing for your child. Natural rubber is an ingredient that you can count on. Sap is collected from a tree and is molded into a pacifier. Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, parents also like that they are giving their baby something that comes from a sustainable source since trees can be cut yet replanted.

You cannot use a rubber pacifier if your baby has a latex allergy. You will only learn about this through trial and error. However, the next best thing is a pacifier composed from silicone. Silicone is also safe and it is durable and flexible.It can withstand high levels or heat for sterilization purposes and it is easy to clean.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an organic newborn baby pacifier. You can get a cheap baby pacifier with all the same specifications for a fraction of the price.

Where Can You Use A Baby Pacifier?

A baby pacifier is everywhere around a parent’s house! Often packed in a diaper bag so that they can use it on the go, parents also keep one in their purse, car, crib, and on their changing table.  Whether in the stroller, the car, at a park, or grocery store; a pacifier is never too far away from a baby! Parents also like to use them when they are preparing their baby’s food to hold them over and stop them from whimpering. Pacifiers are most popularly used in a crib when putting a baby down for a nap or the night. 

Types and Styles of Pacifiers

It’s hard to have just one pacifier. It’s nice to have one on hand when the other is getting sanitized or washed. Pacifiers aren’t just functional, they are fun! They can accessorize your baby’s outfit! They come in all kinds of prints and patterns, like dots, flowers, and even stripes. Pacifiers can be designed with lips, sayings, and be decorated with glitter. Who doesn’t love a little pacifier sass?

Pacifiers are sold on BPA free plastic rings, that are clip on or that have beaded or jeweled strands for extra style and fun!

A baby girls pacifier makes for an excellent baby shower gifts!. Since they do a great job at bringing comfort and joy to your baby between feedings, having more than one is a great idea. Choose a pacifier today that will keep your baby satisfied no matter where you go or what you do!