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Where To Donate Baby Boy Clothes in Buffalo

Where To Donate Baby Boy Clothes in Buffalo

Where to donate baby boy clothes in Buffalo is a frequently asked question by parents whose babies are now preschool-aged.

Whether you have clothes that your child has outgrown or you want to contribute to a good cause, Buffalo, NY has several organizations that accept donations of baby clothes.

By donating your gently used infant boy clothes, you can make a significant difference in the lives of families in your community.

Local Charities:

One of the most effective ways to donate baby boy clothes in Buffalo, NY is through local charities.

Many organizations in the area accept donations of baby clothes and distribute them to families in need. Here are some of the top local charities to consider:

The Buffalo City Mission

  • As a non-profit organization, the Buffalo City Mission provides shelter, food, and other essential services to people experiencing homelessness or poverty. 
  • They accept donations of baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and formula. 
  • You can donate by dropping off your items at their donation center or scheduling a pickup.

The Salvation Army

  • As a Christian organization, The Salvation Army offers various social services, such as food assistance, shelter, and disaster relief. 
  • Your donated items will be sold in their stores, and the proceeds will fund their programs.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo

  • As a youth development organization, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo provides after-school programs, summer camps, and other activities for children and teens. 
  • To donate, you can drop off your items at one of their clubhouses or contact them to arrange a pickup.

Stacey Kraft, Owner, Flair Boston

box full of used toys, books, and clothes

Donating Baby Boy Clothes to Thrift Stores

Donating baby boy clothes to thrift stores is an excellent option in Buffalo, NY.

Thrift stores typically sell donated items at affordable prices, and the proceeds from sales go towards supporting the organization's programs and services.

Several top thrift stores in Buffalo accept donations of baby clothes, including:


  • Goodwill is a non-profit organization that provides job training, employment placement, and other services to individuals facing employment barriers, including veterans and people with disabilities.
  • They accept baby clothes donations at their donation centers and thrift stores located throughout Buffalo.

The Salvation Army

  • The Salvation Army operates a chain of thrift stores that accept donations of baby clothes. 
  • Donations are sold in their stores, and the proceeds are used to fund their programs.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

  • The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a Catholic charity organization that provides food, clothing, and housing assistance to people in need. 
  • They accept donations of baby clothes at their Buffalo thrift store, as well as other items such as household goods and furniture.

Ilka Jordan, CEO, Jordan Alliance Group

Donation concept with clothes and toys for kids


Numerous hospitals in Buffalo, NY, offer donation programs for baby clothes, which are often distributed to families in need who are visiting for appointments or staying at the hospital. 

Below are a couple of hospitals in Buffalo that accept donations of baby clothes:

Oishei Children's Hospital

  • As a pediatric hospital providing an array of medical services to children and families, Oishei Children's Hospital accepts baby clothes, toys, and books donations.
  • To donate, one can simply drop off the items at the hospital's donation center or contact them to schedule a pickup.

Sisters of Charity Hospital

  • Sisters of Charity Hospital is a Catholic hospital in Buffalo that provides maternity care among other medical services. 
  • They welcome donations of baby clothes, as well as blankets and diapers, which are distributed to families in need through their Mother-Baby Unit.

Betsy Cross, Director of Product, Betsa & Iya

Baby clothes and toys in a box on top of the table

Online Resources

If you are unable to make an in-person donation or prefer the convenience of donating from your home, there are various online resources available for donating baby boy clothes in Buffalo, NY.

Here are some top online resources that you can consider:

Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook Marketplace is a reliable platform that is free to use, where local users can buy and sell items. You can donate the baby boy clothes that you've purchased from Bitsy Bug Boutique via the FB Marketplace.

  • By posting your baby boy clothes on this platform, you can easily connect with interested buyers in Buffalo who are in need of baby clothes.


  • Another trustworthy online resource is Freecycle, a website where users can give away unwanted items for free.

  • You can post your baby boy clothes on this website and connect with local individuals or organizations who require them.

Buy Nothing Project

  • The Buy Nothing Project is a global network of hyper-local gift economies, where individuals can give and receive items for free. 
  • There are numerous Buy Nothing Project groups in Buffalo where you can post your baby boy clothes and connect with families in need in your community. 
  • By using this resource, you can have the confidence that your donation is going to families who genuinely need it.

Lizanne Kindler, CEO, Talbots

donation box filled with clothes on a white background

Recommended Practices for Donating

When donating baby boy clothes, it is essential to adhere to some recommended practices to ensure that your contributions are effective and beneficial. 

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Clean your items before donating them

  • Ensure that your baby clothes are thoroughly washed and free of stains before donating them.
  • This will guarantee that the clothes are in excellent condition and ready for use by another family.

Confirm with the organization first

  • Before making a donation, check with the organization to determine the items they accept and their specific requirements. 
  • Some organizations may have specific guidelines for donations, or they may not accept certain items.

Avoid donating damaged items

  • If your baby clothes are torn or damaged, refrain from donating them. 
  • It is crucial to donate only items that are in good condition and ready for use by another family.

Mariia Smirnova, Founder, Ivory Wedding Manufacture And Boutique

Donating baby boy clothes in Buffalo, NY, is a simple yet impactful way to create a positive influence in your community.

Whether you choose to donate to a local charity, thrift store, hospital, or online resource, your contributions will be highly appreciated by families in need. 

By following the recommended practices for donating and selecting reputable organizations to donate to, you can ensure that your donations are effective and meaningful. 

Thank you for your consideration in donating your gently used baby boy clothes and for making a difference in the lives of families in Buffalo.

Georgia Picardal

Georgia Picardal, author