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9 Diaper Bag Must-Haves

9 Diaper Bag Must-Haves

Diaper bag must-haves are crucial for parents travelling with their newborn child. No matter your destination, one thing you can't go without is a well-stocked diaper bag.

It's going to be your new best friend for the foreseeable future. Having a diaper bag filled with essentials will make your life so much easier.

If this baby is your first, you may be wondering what you should pack in your diaper bag and what can be left at home. Here is a list of things that pretty much all parents should have in their diaper bags.

1. Diapers

Diapers are obviously one of the most critical things in a diaper bag. You don't want to be caught out and about without diapers when your baby needs changing.

Plan to pack one diaper in your bag for every two to three hours you'll be away, plus a few extras, just to be safe.

James Grundtisch, Executive VP & Chief Revenue Office, New Era Cap

2. Wipes

Wipes are the multi-tool of parenting. They are soft and gentle on baby's bum during diaper changes, but they are also perfect for wiping messy faces, sticky hands, or hot, sweaty brows.

  • They are not just for baby either. Wipes are great for wiping your own hands, the changing pad, the car seat, or anything else that might need a quick wipe down.
  • Finding a good travel pack is ideal for keeping wipes moist and for taking up less space in your bag.

But, if you don't have a travel pack, keeping wipes in a plastic sandwich bag will work as well.

Joe Chay, President & CEO, Astor And Black Custom Clothiers

pregnant woman in stripe shirt packing baby essentials on top of table

3. Changing Pad

You don't always know where you'll end up needing to change your baby. You can try to plan ahead, but unfortunately, blow-outs wait for no one.

Having a changing pad on hand will provide a sanitary surface to get your baby changed and cleaned up quickly no matter where you are.

Melissa Sandagata, Founder, Goldie Bespoke

4. Hand Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere, and unfortunately, there isn't always a sink with soap and water available.

So, having hand sanitizer accessible is important just in case you don't have somewhere to wash your hands before and after a diaper change or before feeding your baby.

  • Taking your darling baby out in public is bound to attract attention.
  • You may even encounter a well-meaning older lady that just wants to pinch your baby's cute little cheeks.
  • You can always politely ask for that she not touch your baby boy.

But, if there is someone that you approve of holding your baby, having them sanitize their hands beforehand can help keep your baby germ-free.

Jasmine Garcia-Freeland, Owner, Jazmaria Boutique

woman sitting on couch checking baby accessory on red bag

5. Change of Clothes

As mentioned above, blow-outs wait for no one, and spit-up happens. So do diaper leaks and leaky bottles.

Having a couple of extra outfits for your baby girl or baby boy will be a massive relief if you experience one of these unfortunate events.

  • Onesies are an essential item in every baby's wardrobe.
  • Having a couple of these in your diaper bag is a good idea if your baby requires a quick change.
  • Maybe opt for some funny onesies to help put a smile on your face, especially if you've had to deal with a mess.
  • You may also want to throw in some small empty sacks to use for soiled diapers and clothing.

Damion Parsons, Owner, Size Wise Closet Coach

6. Bottles and Feeding Supplies

Whether you are nursing, bottle feeding, or your baby is eating baby food; you'll want to be prepared, so you don't have a fussy, starving baby on your hands.

If you are nursing, having a nursing cover is a good idea if you find yourself needing to feed your baby in a crowded area.

  • If you are using bottles, make sure to have one or two clean bottles in your diaper bag.
  • Make sure to pack enough for the time period you will be out of the house.
  • It's a good idea to carry a few small snacks to help keep your baby's hunger at bay until mealtime.
  • Don't forget a few snacks for yourself. Nobody needs to get hangry.
  • Having a few bibs and burp clothes in your diaper bag is an excellent idea to help keep messes and clothing changes to a minimum.

Quida F., Co-Owner, Jusustots Childcare Center

pregnant woman planning calendar checklist on bed

7. Pacifier

If your baby uses a pacifier, store an extra one or two in a clean resealable bag to help keep them sanitary.

Jaime E Miguel, CEO, Intradeco

8. Small Toys

If you plan on being anywhere where your baby may get bored, throw a few small toys in the diaper bag. 

  • Rattles
  • Teething toys
  • Small board books
  • A favorite small stuffed animal 

Cynthia Kaschak, Owner, The Canyon

mother checking red handbag with baby items

9. Travel Sized Items

There are a few other items that you'll want to have on hand, but you may not want to carry a full-sized container. These items include diaper rash cream, sunscreen, and band aids.

You never know when you'll need these, but they are good to have on hand, just in case.

  • Opting for travel size will help save space in your diaper bag.
  • As you pack all of these essentials, make sure to organize them.
  • Like ladies' purses, diaper bags can seem like a bottomless pit.
  • It is so frustrating to have to sit and search for the formula as your baby is screaming to be fed or to have to search for wipes while you have a squirming baby on the changing pad.
  • Most diaper bags have various pockets and compartments; use these to your advantage.

Autumn Adeigbo, Founder, Autumn Adeigbo: Culture Color Conscience

Prepping at home and vaving a well-stocked and organized diaper bag is vital in helping you feel ready to conquer any outing you may choose to take with your baby.
Alex Smith

Alex Smith, author

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