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You’re Delivering! Wait, Who Should Be In The Delivery Room?

who should be in the delivery room when you give birht

Some simple advice on who should be in the delivery room with you when you're giving birth.

Child delivery is a process which is no doubt very momentous for both parents. You both have waited for nine months for this baby to be born and it’s finally arrived! The question though that comes up often, and can be a touchy subject, is who should actually be in the delivery room when you're giving birth to your baby?

For most women, this is an easy answer - only the presence of their spouse. For others though, they might like something way more involved, including friends and family all present in the delivery. Here are a few ways to make sure that you get this part of your life just right.

The last thing you want to end up happening is that your delivery room turns into a needy circus, just causing you more exhaustion and stress. Here are some things that have worked very well for me during my first two deliveries and trying to figure out who should be in the delivery room with me during that chaotic time.

Have a Plan

The first thing you would need to do is to have a good plan. Your plan should revolve around the policies of the hospital which you plan to deliver. Most hospitals have strict policies about the number of people who should be present in hospitals. Depending on the type of childbirth you have, epidural vs natural childbirth, you'll want to make sure that the hospital room is large enough for the physicians to do their job without feeling crowded. Therefore, it depends on the size of the hospital. Have all this at the back of your mind whenever you are planning the number of people that will be present.

Discuss It

You should ensure that you have this discussion with your spouse before the date of delivery is due. This would allow you to know the number of people which both of you would want to be present at that point. This would eliminate all sorts of confusion when that delivery for day rolls around.


Anything can happen in a delivery room. One of these things could be the need to perform a C-section. In the case of this type of delivery, your options would come down to one. Therefore, think about the one person who you would like to be there in the event that you would have to use a C-section


While kids are not automatically barred from being in a delivery room, their presence would come with some requirements. For example, you would have to have supervision for them as most hospitals would require this. This should be put into consideration.

The number of people who should be present is a personal decision that should be made by you and your spouse. However, you should strive to know all the factors that could limit your choices in case such a situation should occur. 

Also be sure to check our article on how to cope with your baby crying once you arrive home from the hospital. A largely talked about subject, the Cry It Out Method (CIO) is definitely something you'll want to read up on before coming home from the hospital.


Do you have a delivery room story you'd like to share or feedback you'd like to leave about this post? Comment below! Your experience is very valuable to our readership!

Grace King

Grace King, author

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  • Looking back to when I was giving birth to my children I now wish I would have had another person besides my husband to give me support. Now that I am a grandma I have been blest to be present for many of my grandchildren’s births as a support person to my daughters and sons in love. It is an amazing experience and honor to be part of their birth experiences. What a joyful time!


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