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The Great Childbirth Debate - NEW - Epidural vs Natural

epidural vs natural childbirth

Natural vs Epidural Childbirth Baby Deliveries

Childbirth is a very exciting moment in the life of a mother. However, it can also be scary especially if there are complications in childbirth. There are two very popular types of childbirth used by most women today. They are the natural childbirth and the epidural childbirth.

Before choosing any of these alternatives, especially if you're in the teenage pregnancy or geriatric pregnancy age, it is best to consider what they both bring to the table.

Natural Childbirth 

Natural childbirth simply refers to a delivery absent of the presence of any medication. This delivery is slowly gaining popularity especially in Asia where most women there are embracing due to fears associated with epidural childbirth.

There are a lot of benefits which would come with this type of childbirth. They include:

  •    Less monitoring by the doctor
  •    The ability to move around freely without any restrictions imposed.
  •    You would be able to spend a longer time at home unlike in the case of epidural childbirth

Some of the risks which are associated with this include;

  •    A lot of bowel issues would be felt during delivery
  •    You may also get increased pains during delivery

Epidural Childbirth 

Epidural childbirth deliveries simply refer to the use of medication and pain relievers when dealing with delivery. Usually, it is given in a particular part of the body which is more likely to cause pain during delivery.

There are many benefits which can be gotten from this type of delivery. They include;

  •    You would be able to go through the entire process without feeling much pain. This is the major benefit of doing the epidural delivery.

Some of the risks which you would like face include;

  •    You could get a lot of bleeding in the process
  •    You can experience a lot of pain afterwards especially in your back
  •    You might get a lot of headaches.

However, it is important to note that while these risks are possible to get, it happens on very rare occasions. Usually, the operation is clean and everyone goes home happy with a newborn baby.

Final Thoughts  

While the risk involved with epidural childbirth seems to be more on the surface, the truth remains that it rarely happens. However, they provide painless deliveries in both situations. Natural childbirth would seem more appealing to mothers but you should be prepared to deal with a lot of pain during your childbirth. You would have to make a choice after considering the factors carefully and with your loved ones.

Do you have a childbirth story you'd like to share or feedback you'd like to leave about this post? Comment below! Your experience is very valuable to our readership! 

Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson, author

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