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Where To Sell Used Baby Clothes for Cash Online - The Secret Revealed!

sell baby clothes online for cash

Here's your 2019 definitive guide to re-selling your old baby and toddler clothes online!

Children sprout up like weeds! As a parent, you can surely attest to this. When it seems like you’ve fully stocked their closet for one season, you are quickly trying to buy and fill it for the next. Maybe you’ve noticed that their shoes are fitting much too tight, and their pants are much too snug. Their shirts may seem overly shrunken. No, it’s not the dryer-your little one is just growing faster by the day!

When all is said and done, you are left with an overabundance of clothing in your child’s closet that you can’t bear to toss-after all, some items hold deep sentimental value. While it’s nice to donate some baby clothes to charity, it’s also nice to have some cash back in your pocket to help you reinvest in clothing for the next few seasons to come.

If you wish to make some money off of your baby or toddler’s outgrown clothing, or simply trade them I for a new set of appropriately sized duds, read on to learn about some great sites that are easy to use and are promising for finance-conscious parents!


sell my baby clothes online for cash


1. Kidizen

This app based platform is inviting and easy to navigate from first click. An app to browse and buy pre-owned clothing and accessories, you can totally feel the love here.

Designed by moms, for moms, all items are super cute and organized by categories such as clothing, shoes, accessories, books and toys-and many more. You can also shop by price and brand, if you have a preference.

In order to sell your clothes with Kidizen, the first thing you need to do is set up an account through the app. From there, you simply give the item you wish to sell a title and you upload a picture of it. Be sure to describe it thoroughly, list its brand, and be honest about its condition. You get to create a shop, of sorts, of your very own!

While many moms and dads are more inclined to buy something that is in excellent used condition, you’d be surprised at what you can sell. Just be sure to price it right!

You also have to take shipping into consideration. The Kidizen app does a great job at helping you estimate the weight of your item. When someone else wishes to buy your item, they see only one price that embodies both the item and the shipping.

When ready, click submit and voila! You have listed an item. Repeat the process with all of your stuff.

An added bonus of the app? You can customize free shopping cards to give out to those you network with, which not only promotes your stuff on the site, but that offers a discount code.

Here are some of the main pros and cons of using the Kidizen app-


  • Creating a listing is free!
  • You get to offer discounts on your items in order to get them to sell faster.
  • Shipping labels can be purchased directly from the site, which saves you time and cash.
  • You can easily link your PayPal account in order to get paid/trade in your Kid Bucks, which you earn from the site.
  • There’s a downloadable app, so you can sell your clothes and keep current with your account anytime and anyplace.
  • The site offers tips and tricks to successful selling, which is useful to newbies.
  • There is a customer support tab, so you can chat with someone or generate an email whenever you need advice or help.
  • Sellers get paid as soon as they scan their shipping labels that are going out to customers. Sellers are paid before buyers actually receive any packages! 


  • You don’t get 100% of the sale. The site does profit a bit off of what you sell, so expect to make about 88% of what you list it for.
  • You get charged a dollar if you want to cash out your earnings that are less than $15 in total.

In addition to the pros and cons of the online resell shop, you can join a community of moms like you who enjoy fashion, making money, and who like to give or get advice about what we all love most-our kids! Check out their fun to read articles and forums before or after shopping or selling.

Kidizen is our #1 choice on the web for re-selling your old baby and toddler clothes and we highly recommend checking them out!

Click here now to see Kidizen live for yourself and start listing your old baby clothes today!


re-sell baby clothes online for cash

2. Ebay

Ebay is an online buying and selling platform that has been around for many years. If you can think it, you can find it on this site. Many moms love shopping on Ebay because they get to bid on items and sometimes for ladies, it’s all about the thrill of the chase and the overall victory of a great buy.

In order to sell your baby or toddler items, simply visit the site and set up an account. Once set up, there is a sell button. If you click it, you follow the prompts such as image upload, listing title, and description box; in order to enter pertinent information about your stuff.

Here are some pros and cons of using Ebay-


  • You can sell multiple items. List your baby gear in a “lot.” Many parents prefer getting a lot of stuff, especially if the condition is good, not great, for a fair price.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Auctions can truly take off. When you may think you’ll get $5 for a shirt, you could end up doubling your expectations.
  • You can list up to 50 items each month for free.
  • You can offer a “Buy it Now” feature, or “Make an Offer” feature if your auction isn’t taking off.
  • Payments go through PayPal, which is often linked directly to your bank account so you can get paid with a simple click.
  • You can print your shipping labels off the site-which is cheaper than doing it through the post office.
  • You can offer free local pick up. This way, if a buyer is near your area, you can sell larger item (like a train table) without the hassle of shipping.
  • You can communication with the buyer since they can directly ask you questions about the item.


  • You can only list 50 items each month. If you go beyond that, you get charged $0.30 each item.
  • You pay a seller’s fee when your item sells. The fee is small, but fluctuates depending on how much your items sells for.
  • The waiting period to get paid can take a few weeks. This ensures that your item reaches the buyer and their payment goes through. It also sits in a account in case a refund is requested.
  • Feedback can make or break you. Sometimes, you come in contact with a buyer that doesn’t thoroughly read your description (stain on sleeve) or that doesn’t get your item in time due to a shipping delay (totally not your fault). Disgruntled, they may take it out on you and leave you a poor review.

Ebay is a great site to use if you have fewer than 50 items to sell each month. You really can make a pretty penny, especially when selling designer gear since the auctions tend to really take off if you start the items out low. Keep in mind-most people who visit the site are adrenaline junkies and love a good challenge. Plus, it can get pretty addicting when you’re in the midst of a heated auction or bidding war! Hey, this is great news for you!


sell baby clothes online


3. Craigslist

Another very popular place to sell baby and children’s clothes is Craigslist. Around for decades, the site is a community crowd pleaser and is non-profit.

In order to sell your stuff, you need to set up a quick and free account. From there, click “post” so you can post your items. Follow the prompts to add images, a description, your location, preferred method of contact, and proposed cost.

With just a few clicks, your items are online and you have 45 days to keep them there before they expire. You have the ability to mark items as sold and also discount items if they aren’t moving.

Here are some pros and cons of using the site-


  • It’s totally free. There’s no listing fees, the money you make is all yours-no sharing!
  • No shipping needed! You make plans to meet up for the sale or have the buyer at your home.
  • Transactions are made in cash.
  • You could score extra cash if you are willing to deliver goods. Sometimes, moms will want to purchase items off of you and won’t want to make the drive. You can offer delivery for a price!
  • There is help for abuse. It’s rare when selling baby clothes (but still totally possible), but if anyone is bothering you, you can reach out to the site for assistance.


  • You get a lot of inquiry and interest, but sometimes no follow ups and no-shows.
  • You get asked to negotiate your price quite a bit. Unless you indicate *firm* by your listing, expect the haggling to begin.
  • The texts, calls, and/or emails can get overwhelming at times.
  • You can get scammed. Always meet at a public place and try to avoid meeting at your home.
  • Designer clothing isn’t usually received well. Shoppers on the site tend to want ultra-affordable, basic goods. There isn’t a huge market for big brand names.


Craigslist is a good option for you if you want fast cash and aren’t ultra-tech savvy. While its pros outweigh its cons, you do need to be careful with whom you associate with!

  1. Swoondle

Swoondle is basically an online swap meet. Set up similar to a consignment shop, you get to make a sale without splitting the cost. However, you do need to pay a yearly membership to join and sell your stuff. Your items get sent to Swoondle and they get viewed and rated from 1 to 5, based on what the owners think it’s worth (rating scales range from 1 to 5). Your stuff gets put on line for you in a catalog of sorts and you earn trading credits so you can get new stuff for your little ones.

Here are some pros and cons of using the site-


  • They do all the work for you!
  • You get more clothes for your kids without spending money.
  • The first five items you trade are free!
  • You get to choose which membership you prefer (there’s different levels)
  • Your items initially get sent for free-just request a kit.
  • It’s cheaper to swap than buy at normal consignment shops or retail stores.
  • Items that aren’t usable automatically get sent to charity-you do nothing!
  • If you don’t want a membership, you can opt to pay $5 per trade/item.


  • You may not agree with how your items get rated.
  • You don’t necessarily make money off your items.
  • If there’s nothing you love to choose from, from the category your clothes get assigned to you need to wait!
  • You tend to only truly benefit when selling designer clothes (or items valued over $20).
  • The site can decide to put your items on sale whenever they want, and also combine items, so the value of your overall trade could be less.

Basically, if you want clothing items out of your hair and hands, but would be grateful for some new clothing in some new sizes, then this site may be for you. Great for the busy parent, simply ship your stuff, wait a few days, and shop away!

Moms get sad when an adorable baby girl outfits or baby boy get-ups no longer fits. While some tend to box up outfits and put them in storage, others prefer to remember the items fondly and make some money! If you’re tired of baby and toddler clothes piling up from the baby boutique or main stream retailer you bought from, consider checking out some of the sites above to either make some extra money or get some new clothes.

While there are pros and cons to anything, these tried and true sites are not only easy to navigate, but simple to set up. Create your account today to start saving-and shopping! 

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