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How to Prevent Insecurities in Children - Starting with Babies

how to prevent insecurities in children and babies

How to Prevent Insecurities in Children - Starting with Babies

What Should You Know? 

One of the major problems which most people around the world face today is the problem of low self-esteem which is popularly known as insecurity issues. The truth that may shock most people is that insecurity issues do not develop when they are already old. Instead, it starts when they are very young, sometimes while they are even babies.

If you are concerned about the fact that your baby may be going through insecurity issues, it is important that you start looking out for some common signs which would show that your child is having problems with insecurity. Here are some of the most common signs to look out for.

Afraid of Losing a Game or Competition 

While it is healthy to always want to win, having an unhealthy fear about losing could turn out to be a case of insecurity. Children who are afraid of losing a game or competition most times would resort to cheating to ensure that they do not have to face failure. When you see this sign slowly developing in your child, it might be time to take certain steps to ensure that your child does not keep on developing insecurity issues throughout their childhood into their adulthood.

Watch Their Statements 

A person statements about themselves can tell you a lot about themselves. For example, you can easily learn when a child is developing prideful qualities just by hearing them talk. It is also possible too to notice when your child is developing insecurity issues just by listening to the statements which they make about themselves. If your child has the habit of always putting himself or herself down or being too harsh on themselves, then you might have a child who is already suffering from insecurity issues.

If your child is going through any of these issues and you can sense insecurity creeping up in them, here are something which would help them regain their self-confidence;

Your Praises

While it has often be said that praises have the potential to make a child feel overly pampered, this would not be true with a child who is going through insecurity issues. For that child, every single time you praise him or her for any of their success, you add a little more confidence to their tank of security. Therefore, ensure that you keep telling your child how proud you are to have them like your kid.

Role Model 

It is important to note that a child would always see you as their role model going forward in life. Therefore, if you set for yourself reasonable expectations, you can be sure that your child would follow your example and not set unrealistic expectations for themselves. This would ensure that your child holds themselves in a good light while growing up.

Insecurity issues can be really bad. It has the potential to completely derail your child and become a stumbling block to your child’s successes. Try to ensure your child never has to go through that.


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